Friends (187)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Tatia #BossQueen Bradley

    Birthday:January 6 What's Your Business?#BRANDING TB
  • Nickquolette Barrett

    Birthday:November 17 What's Your Business?Training, development, motivational speaker, workshops, & seminars
  • Lorraine Currelley

    What's Your Business?Author/Poet/Educator/Mental Health Counselor/Grief & Bereavement Counselor
  • Sheeba Chastang

    Birthday:May 24 What's Your Business?Handmade crocheted jewelry and accessories and more
  • Encouraged Girl

    Birthday:September 3 What's Your Business?Christian-based site encouraging women through poetry, inspiring articles and tshirts
  • Rae Vonshae

    Birthday:December 21 What's Your Business?Online advertising, online magazine, business directory
  • Shavon Gordon

    Birthday:December 25 What's Your Business?Counseling, magazine publishing
  • Pastor Melinda Clark

    Birthday:October 3 What's Your Business?Pastoralship
  • Dionne Maloney-Jenkins

    Birthday:January 2 What's Your Business?Health & Wellness w/Ardyss Interational

    Birthday:June 20 What's Your Business?AVON REP / TRAVERUS TRAVEL AGENT/ ARDYSS VENDOR
  • Jeanette Davis

    Birthday:December 24 What's Your Business?Author of Inspiring Racially Conscious books & Memoir
  • T. Lee-Johnson

    Birthday:January 6 What's Your Business?Blogger and Virtual Book Tour Coordinator
  • Renee Wiggins

    What's Your Business?Wellness Consultant
  • Coach Anna

    Birthday:September 3 What's Your Business?Coaching, Speaking and Personal Success Development
  • Josey Miller

    Birthday:January 4 What's Your Business?Business Owner
  • Kim Johnson

    Birthday:March 20 What's Your Business?Cheap Food Shipped Free and Cheap Gas And Food
  • Ludonna Jackson

    Birthday:October 22 What's Your Business?Children's Book Author