Friends (82)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • How2HealAChild'sSpirit

    Birthday:December 19 What's Your Business?SHARING INFORMATION
  • Shavon Gordon

    Birthday:December 25 What's Your Business?Counseling, magazine publishing
  • Dana Neal

    Birthday:August 19 What's Your Business?I have many businesses
  • Tonia Friday

    Birthday:October 31 What's Your Business?Girl Friday Enterprises- bookkeeping, payroll, note consultation
  • L.Marie

    Birthday:April 30 What's Your Business?Dream Consultations and more.
  • Shanna Stroud

    Birthday:July 24 What's Your Business?Zeb Ink Notes
  • Brandon

    Birthday:June 4 What's Your Business?ViralSO
  • Kira

    Birthday:June 20 What's Your Business?The Buttafly Movement
  • Caressa

    Birthday:September 17 What's Your Business?Sports Arbitrage

    Birthday:December 4 What's Your Business?baker

    Birthday:August 17 What's Your Business?Promotional Model/ Fashion Jewelry Business, etc....
  • Miss Blue

    Age:57 Birthday:January 30 What's Your Business?Life
  • Carol Dunlop

    Birthday:January 1 What's Your Business?I coach Diet Victims to lose weight and keep it off
  • Harriet P. Harrison

    What's Your Business?Empowering Women 4 Greatness
  • Lady G

    Age:62 Birthday:October 17 What's Your Business?Massage Therapist
  • Cynthia Turner

    Age:49 Birthday:April 3 What's Your Business?Turner Sales & Marketing
  • Otto Spruill

    What's Your Business?Organo Gold