Friends (31)

  • Donna Marie Johnson

    What's Your Business?The Love-Infused Marketing & Graphics Strategist ™
  • Maria

    What's Your Business?Insurance
  • Apple Daniels

    Birthday:September 17 What's Your Business?Internet Marketing Consulting, SEO, Online Branding and Niche Marketing
  • Encouraged Girl

    Birthday:September 3 What's Your Business?Christian-based site encouraging women through poetry, inspiring articles and tshirts
  • LaShanda Glover

    Birthday:May 13 What's Your Business?Weight Loss fitness tips infopreneur
  • Shownda Pagan

    Birthday:May 20 What's Your Business?Virtual Organization & Personal Consultant
  • Dawn Fitch

    Birthday:October 16 What's Your Business?Pooka Pure and Simple
  • Al

    What's Your Business?Handcrafted home decor
  • Ms. D

    Birthday:October 10 What's Your Business?Independent Sales Jewelry for Cookie Lee
  • Stacey McSwine

    Birthday:March 13 What's Your Business?The Mommy Resource Network and Coaching You to Success
  • Jackie Johnson

    Birthday:April 4 What's Your Business?The Mop Top Shop
  • Chloe

    What's Your Business?C.E.O/Founder Yes I Am My Sisters Keeper, Author, Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Coach
  • Chantay Bridges

    What's Your Business?Motivational speaking, media contributor, Realtor, empowerment entrepreneur & coach
  • Merlinda TalYah Johnson

    Birthday:July 4 What's Your Business?Shea SIlk
  • Sylvia Browder

    Birthday:February 15 What's Your Business?Browder Consulting Group & National Association Women on the Rise
  • Jazmine Bell

    Birthday:September 11 What's Your Business?shoes
  • Sherell Hunter/ Aly

    What's Your Business?selling & making fashion jewelry
  • Pretty Curls

    Birthday:January 1 What's Your Business?Natural hair and skin products