Friends (65)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Nicole Cleveland

    Birthday:May 12 What's Your Business?Founder of Breathe Again Magazine & Author of "So He Cheated, Now What?"
  • eve+volve

    Birthday:November 23 What's Your Business?consulting + nonprofit
  • Ms. Olivia Dixon-Williams

    Birthday:December 21 What's Your Business?Promote Me Club
  • iT Factor Agency

    Birthday:July 30 What's Your Business?Fashion Public Relations
  • Lakisha Chernese Greene

    Birthday:November 5 What's Your Business?Power House D.I.V.A non profit organation for women and DIVA promotion event coordinating
  • DeNise Williams

    Birthday:August 14 What's Your Business?Soul Purpose Lifestyle Co.
  • Brown Sugar Parties

    What's Your Business?In Home Parties For Women
  • Ray Bordley

    Birthday:April 8 What's Your Business?Networking
  • Christina Dozier

    Birthday:January 25 What's Your Business?Handmade Jewelry
  • Tamesha Salim

    Birthday:November 30 What's Your Business?Gourmet Baskets
  • Shiketa Morgan

    Birthday:September 29 What's Your Business?Business Consultant, Business Owner and Blogger
  • Dinndayal Morgan

    Birthday:May 23 What's Your Business?Personal Development
  • Stacey McSwine

    Birthday:March 13 What's Your Business?The Mommy Resource Network and Coaching You to Success
  • Vanassa Brown

    Birthday:September 23 What's Your Business?Publishing
  • EyeCatchers Weave Salon

    Birthday:March 5 What's Your Business?Speciality Hair Weaving & other beauty Services
  • Lisa Qirashawn

    Birthday:April 8 What's Your Business?Printing
  • Tasha M. Brown

    Birthday:September 23 What's Your Business?The Women's Leadership Network, Inc.