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  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Tieast Smith

    Birthday:September 28 What's Your Business?My company is Zuri Eshe, parent company to My Pretty Wings - Natural based skincare for young girls and Body Galore, Naturals based skincare for the mature adult
  • dytonia holloway

    Birthday:July 8 What's Your Business?cleaning service
  • Stephanie L. P. Jackson

    Birthday:June 22 What's Your Business?The Tigress Lane Company; Young Divas of America Inc.
  • Laura Lyseight

    Birthday:November 8 What's Your Business?Author, Teen Coach & Entrepreneur
  • Jaime White

    Birthday:July 12 What's Your Business?Start-UP Success NOW! helps single moms and other women start and grow successful online businesses to take control of their lives.
  • hannahbanana

    Birthday:December 20 What's Your Business?writing and blogging
  • Joni Head

    Birthday:November 18 What's Your Business?JONI FASHION BOUTIQUE
  • Jeaneane

    Birthday:October 21 What's Your Business?Soluvable Bath and Body
  • Ludonna Jackson

    Birthday:October 22 What's Your Business?Children's Book Author
  • Felita Daniely

    Birthday:January 7 What's Your Business?GBG
  • Sylvia Browder

    Birthday:February 15 What's Your Business?Browder Consulting Group & National Association Women on the Rise
  • Janice O'Neal

    Birthday:June 11 What's Your Business?Health and Wellness
  • Fay Fraser

    Birthday:November 6 What's Your Business?restaurateur
  • Allwomanhere

    Birthday:November 1 What's Your Business?Photo Blankets
  • Tina

    Birthday:December 29 What's Your Business?Prestige Virtual Services
  • Mary Hunter

    Birthday:March 31 What's Your Business?Winalite International
  • Romona Myles

    Birthday:May 6 What's Your Business?Real Estate Investment and Online Marketing