Friends (200)

  • Simply Opulent

    What's Your Business?Natural Hair Products & Lace Wigs
  • Loretta Green-Williams

    Birthday:March 5 What's Your Business?Public Relations; Donor Development; blogtalk radio host
  • Roxie

    Birthday:June 23 What's Your Business?Personal Finance Website & Plus Size Romance Compay
  • Sylviane

    Birthday:January 8 What's Your Business?Film Festival Director: Images of Black Women Film Festival

    Birthday:August 31 What's Your Business?I am an author and a motivation speaker.
  • April Alisa Marquette

    What's Your Business?Author, Editor, Bookseller
  • Dana Hickles

    What's Your Business?Event and Travel Planning

    Birthday:July 20 What's Your Business?WmsDa Enterprises
  • Bridget Morrow

    What's Your Business?Publishing/Consulting Company
  • Shelley Graves

    What's Your Business?
  • Sola Dawkins

    What's Your Business?Inspiring & Empowering Women to find their Purpose In Life....
  • Gina Moton-Lawson

    Age:51 Birthday:October 21 What's Your Business?Creating home-based jobs
  • Shenika Brown

    Age:46 Birthday:September 16 What's Your Business?VenueQuest - Meeting & Destination Specialist
  • Della Beaver

    What's Your Business?Still in the Planning Stages
  • LadyDevina

    Birthday:November 28 What's Your Business?certified travel agent
  • Akua Wood

    What's Your Business?Sheabutter Cottage
  • Carol Dunlop

    Birthday:January 1 What's Your Business?I coach Diet Victims to lose weight and keep it off

    What's Your Business?Websites