Friends (60)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Maria

    What's Your Business?Insurance
  • Encouraged Girl

    Birthday:September 3 What's Your Business?Christian-based site encouraging women through poetry, inspiring articles and tshirts
  • Apron Appetites

    What's Your Business?~Apron Appetites~ hand made fashion aprons for the apronsista and apronmista
  • Anne' McMillion

    What's Your Business?I.A.M. "Globally Connecting Our Family" * Networking Communications, Organizational Structure, Media Strategy, Cosmetology, Youth Advocate, etc.
  • Wanda Mays Noel

    Birthday:July 13 What's Your Business?Public & media relations, publishing, event planning & management
  • Ludonna Jackson

    Birthday:October 22 What's Your Business?Children's Book Author
  • Yvonne J. Rugley

    Age:66 Birthday:December 29 What's Your Business?YOBSN-Your Own Branded Social Network
  • Rochelle Hazel

    Birthday:December 14 What's Your Business?Real Estate Investor, Consultant
  • Kimberly Alexis

    Birthday:May 24 What's Your Business?Internet Business
  • carolina cooper

    Birthday:September 9 What's Your Business?SFI Affiliate Center and tripleclicks
  • Janice Vaughn

    Birthday:April 25 What's Your Business?Health and Wellness
  • Kris

    What's Your Business?Blogging/Advertising
  • Alon T Petersen

    Birthday:December 7 What's Your Business?Residential & Commercial Construction Services
  • A. Jean Jennings

    Birthday:March 11 What's Your Business?REAL Luxury Perfumes for Women and Designer Colognes for Men
  • ViVi Cosmetics International Ltd

    Birthday:October 20 What's Your Business?Cosmetics designed by accredited Afro Cosmopolitan skin care therapists & int. makeup artists to ENHANCE darker/ethnic skin
  • Kym Darrell

    Birthday:June 3 What's Your Business?Pure Njoyment Glamour & Grooming Atrium
  • Rachel JC Bellamy

    Birthday:July 29 What's Your Business?Christian Life Coach