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  • Lynn Wooten

    Birthday:August 4 What's Your Business?Fine Art Prints, Posters and Tees of Ancient African Cultures
  • Dee Curtis

    Birthday:May 2 What's Your Business?Envision Marketing Consultants
  • Dianne C Lemon

    Birthday:November 10 What's Your Business?ReFined Culture, LLC & EnVoi Boutique Online Showroom
  • Tikia Douglas

    Birthday:October 14 What's Your Business?Ntenz Soulz, Inc
  • Voncille Denson

    Birthday:June 29 What's Your Business?Helping Families provide homemaker, companion, meals, and respite services to seniors, disabled youth, and disabled seniors in a home environment for maximum quality of life.
  • Janet McIntosh-Litzy

    Birthday:July 16 What's Your Business?Online eCommerce and Virtual Admin Support
  • Michelle Roberts

    Birthday:April 25 What's Your Business?Roberts Travel Services
  • Cynthia Jackson

    Birthday:August 12 What's Your Business?Healthcare Compliance Consultant
  • Marian Douglas-Ungaro

    Birthday:September 28 What's Your Business?Writing, editing; international consulting; bodyguard; women's fitness and wellness.
  • Allyson B Campbell Photography

    Birthday:December 29 What's Your Business?Photography
  • Kemi Farquharson

    What's Your Business?Plus Size Bridal Designer
  • Chanelle Washington

    Birthday:October 1 What's Your Business?Indigofera Real Plant Based Haircare
  • Janice M Knox

    Birthday:April 25 What's Your Business?Health and wellnes
  • Vioree Brandon

    Birthday:January 15 What's Your Business?Arts Academy
  • Chevin S.Stone

    Birthday:November 20 What's Your Business?Naturally.Elemental Jewelry
  • Shantell Hester-Williams

    Birthday:November 20 What's Your Business?Mentoring
  • Line

    Birthday:May 9 What's Your Business?Travel Agent
  • Romain Pina

    Birthday:April 11 What's Your Business?Nicetys poetry n motion lounge