This is LILTonya! She is a urban city 12 year old with a vocabulary that is out of this world and wisdom beyond her years! Visit my website to purchase your copy today!
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  • oops, fine its late! lol
  • Ok That will be find email me
  • You are so right about there not being a lot of books out there (or toys for that matter) that reflects our children, so I support that fully.

    I know your busy waiting for your books to arrive and setting up other engagements, so, if you like, I can sent you a few interview question via email.  That way, you can review/answer them and send them back when you can.  Let me know your preference.


    As for your daughter's eczema, with eczema, you really need to know the root cause of it's flare up.  It's not so much as what you put on her, but WHAT YOU DON'T.  I would suggest both our gentle Body Wash, (which has no harsh detergents,alcohol,  sulfates or parabens) which cleans without stripping natural oils or drying skin and our Skin Smoothie lotion (which has no nut oils, fish, lanolin, or parabens which can all cause skin sensitivities), when used regularly keeps skin soft, smooth and HYDRATED.  Our lotion is light and non greasy.  They work well together or separate because both are blended to offer hydration to the skin.  If you daughter is sensitive to fragrance/perfume, then I would suggest the unscented Body Wash and Smoothie.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Yes that is such a blessing to hear.  You really understand the heart of what I am trying to do and that is declare war on illiteracy with the African American Community.  A lot of our kids are so far behind when it comes to reading and literature because really there is not a lot to choose from when it comes to books of characters who look like them, act like them and have swagg like them, lol!  Make sure you print out the discussion questions and after reading each chapter have what we call in education with her a "guided reading discussion"  My books will be in next Thursday, I can't wait  Its been a long tedious process but I'm trusting God will connect me with the right people to PUSH my vision into the world!  I too, have an 11 year old daughter with eczema and she cheers (her legs get it really bad)  Give me some suggestions on what you sell for this and I will put my order in today!  Blessings!  Tee Michelle "Declaring War on Illiteracy"
  • I was all over your site last night before sending you my comment.  I love the site and the message you are trying to create with your book.  I also plan to print out the workbook for my 10 year old daughter.  She loves crossword and problem solving activities. 


    I love the message that your book conveys.  Self  love!  It is something that we all struggle through no matter how many times our parents tell us that we are Beautiful.  The messages that we hear from our peers can sometimes be more everlasting than what we learn from home.  I grew up being called "Big Lip", so I know and didn't come into my own until "Big Lips" were what everyone strived for.  Now having 2 girls that get eczema flair-ups, I do what I can to protect them from taunts and feeling self conscious (hence why I started my skincare line),  I also them that we should be proud of our naturally curly hair and all it's versitality which is something that in just now becoming the in thing to do.


    So I really look forward to your book and helping to get it out there. 

  • Thank you so much, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my book from print any day now, I would love to interview with you and I will purchase some of that lip balm for my daughter!  Check out my site as well.  WWW.LILTONYA.COM.  I really like your blog and web page!
  • Congratulations on your upcoming book.  I would love to be kept informed of when it is release.  I would love the opportunity to interview you for my blog as well. My website is http:// and blog is
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