Las Vegas Mompreneur Teaches Business Owners How to Build Millionaire Dollar Empires. Win a Copy of Richelle's Book on BBWO.... Freshstart Telephone Company Owner Richelle Shaw and Author of “How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas” (Lulu Press August 2008) will be on a virtual book tour all of August through September to promote her book –making appearances on blogs and podcast around the world. Las Vegas, NV July 21, 2008 -- Book Savvy Media is pleased to announce the upcoming Virtual Book Tour of Millionaire Mompreneur Richelle Shaw and her new book “How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas without the Casinos." “How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas without the Casinos" shows aspiring and long time business owners and entrepreneurs who haven’t hit that million dollar mark in their businesses how to dynamically and quickly revamp their marketing plan by using Shaw’s 5 Step system. Shaw has used this method with her coaching students to bring in profits in as little as 90 Days. With Shaw’s tested system any entrepreneur, regardless of location, can learn how to build a million dollar business. As the only women of color to ever own and successfully operate a telephone company with revenues in the millions of dollars every year, Shaw reveals how she took the company from bankruptcy to a million dollar in less than 2 years. During the month of August through September Shaw will be touring high-ranking blogs and podcasts to promote the release of her book and the teleseminar she is conducting on September 5, 2008. Shaw’s tour already had its kick-off by appearing on, where Richelle is interviewed by notable journalist Michelle Anton. Participants on this Teleseminar can gain the insight of Shaw’s expertise in fun and informative business building and marketing strategies as she takes your questions on how to build, strategize, and profit from your book. The complimentary teleseminar is based on her book How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas without the Casinos - and my highly acclaimed private coaching program. During the teleseminar, listeners will learn: • How to Quickly Define Your Target Market & Generate Leads almost overnight. • What it really takes to own and operate a million dollar business. I will be revealing the amazing system I use to run the communications system of my entire company! • How to quickly make a Quantum Leap in the next 12 months in your business. This Teleseminar kicks off the Virtual Book Tour for "How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas." Shaw will travel the blogosphere answering readers questions and giving tips for individual success. Paricipants will also receive Shaw’s acclaimed special report: “The Top 10 Mistakes Preventing You from Obtaining a Million Dollar Business”. For registration and information on the Teleseminar go to There is no cost for joining this call, but spots are limited. About Richelle Shaw Richelle is mother, entrepreneur and the President of FreshStart Telephone in Las Vegas. Richelle Shaw bought her telephone company after working there for 7 years and then lost it all after September 11th, 2001. She had to rebuild after a humiliating bankruptcy to redefine her market, develop a plan and then by all means, she was not afraid to execute the plan. She had nothing to lose, especially since she had to restart without money and without credit. Richelle is a Mentor for the Count Me program, Make Mine A Million where she is committed to helping women owned businesses reach the million dollar level. Richelle is also the author of How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas-Without the Casinos. It's will be out in print in August. You can also visit her web site at or Media Contact: Tynisha Thompson Book Savvy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to Make Money! Richelle Shaw is giving away 2 copies of: How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas without the Casinos on BBWO! Enter to win today! Visit Richelle's Official BBWO Page! Read and Learn more about Richelle. Check out her success story featured in entrepreneur magazine!

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  • Hello Ms. Brown, I just read your e-mail and it is very interesting about these cell phone how big are these phone ? Are there like razor phone?. I would like to hear more about it. God Bless You Carrie
  • Hello Ms.Tynisha, Thank you for you and what you do i'm very intersting ,i will be cheking out your bookmedia very soon. I have a lot to do on this endeavor.This is very wonderful this woman net work. I thank God for it . God Bless You Carrie
  • Hello Richelle, It is pleasure to know that you live in Las vegas,I use live Las Vegas almost 7 years ago and moved myself and my children in Texas. How much is your book? Because need to learn more stepping out in this endeavor God given me. I know that this going be an great opportunity for me and rest of ladies. To God be glory amen. Carrie
  • Hello Richelle,
    I received your email and will be glad to tune in to listen to your broadcast.

    I wanted to find out from you would you be interested in a new cell phone carrier coming out next Friday, August 15th. The company is LPC Global and here is some information about them:

    LPC GLOBAL is a huge internet/telecom provider of VOIP, unlimited telephone calling, internet, international calling, 50 TV channels, email, fax, and 'phone' as modem, delivered all-in-one on a CELLPHONE (blackberry type device), you can get their phone with NO CREDIT CHECKS, and NO CONTRACTS!! To have all of the above service features cost ONLY $75.00/month!!! The official company launch is on August 15, 2008 in Miami, FL!!!

    There are (3) service plans people can choose from, either $25/mth, $50/mth, or $75/mth.

    No money needed from you, no credit card info, just your name, address, phone, dob, and email address!!!!!

    Call me, NOW at 678-471-9945 or email me at and I will give you instructions to sign on yourself.

    We are reserving phones for people through this weekend. You are under no obligation to purchase, but if you are interested, please provide me with the information in red no later than tomorrow. We are not asking for money up front, in fact the phones will be free, we just need to get a head count of how many people will be interested, we will be first come, first served. Once these phones are out and people see us watching television on them, everyone is going to want one and you can tell them how to get one.

    Let me know.

    Lorri Jackson-Brown
    Strictly Business Cleaning
    • Tell me more about this phone and the Internet plus unlimited calling. I live in Mississippi will this include me as well? reply back to me please. I believe I will call you also for you to give me more information.
  • Hi,'
    I would like to participate, but I am confused as to how to enter and what is required? Please advise.
    • You have to 1 - ad a comment to the contest page, saying that you are entering. And you have to click the link to Richelle's page fill out the signup for there.
    • You have to 1 - ad a comment to the contest page, saying that you are entering. And you have to click the link to Richelle's page fill out the signup for there.
  • Richelle Shaw, I just want to say, that I commend you for pressing on. I'm a survivor of 9/11. I worked in the area, and had to run for my life when the Towers came down. I was covered from head to toe with that smoke and dust. I, am trying to rebuild myself, mentally from that day. Each day gets easier, until I see footage of it. But, I'am very much interested in reading, how you pulled it all together. I have currently started a business of my own, and would truly, like to read about your answers to some of the challenges I'm facing with a new business.
    Congatulations on your upcoming book. Best Wishes.. TotallyLess - Home Furnishings
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