Are you BEAUTIFUL on the inside?

Hey Sistas, I just want to know where you are on the 'inner beauty' journey of your life. Personally, I still struggle as I tend to place more emphasis on my outer beauty. Not a bad thing, but its not everything. Inner beauty is about strength, warmth, compassion, honor, respect, love, and encouragement. You are at your most beautiful state when you are no longer consumed with yourself, but instead are consumed with a GENUINE concern for others. Inner beauty is acheived when at the end of the day, you look at yourself in the mirror and (despite your outer appearance) are pleased with the way you conducted yourself today (words, actions, responses, initiative). Have you seen your 'inner beauty' today? If so, celebrate it! If not, it's ready and waiting for you to put it on tomorrow.... Be blessed!

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  • Ann, yes your message was very Beautiful and Encouraging. You must also along with your inner and outer beauty as you so eloquently stated, not to forget our Bodies Nutritional Value.

    Without the proper care of your inner body the two in conjunction with each other, Will ultimately brake down without the proper nutrients. Our bodies now days are lacking Mineral Deficiencies.
    Consider this, "Where does your inner beauty begin"? Could It Be Your Brain!..

    Take care,

    • Yes, my sister. Definitely need to be more serious about my health. I am eating better for the most part, but have neglected my exercise over the last two months as we drew near to our debut for our Stage Play. But now, I have some down time and MUST make my 'physical' inner beauty a priority. I decided some years ago, that not taking care of myself 'physcially' is a selfish act. If I don't take care of myself, my husband and/or kids may have to do so prematurely. If I can (by way of prevention) extend the number of years that I can truly be healthy, that is my goal. Thank you for the reminder, beautiful sister!!
  • Hi Ann:

    What a beautiful post! It is truly important that we nurture ourselves on the inside - to cultivate that inner beauty as you wrote. I've found that as we do more for others, helping, advising, reaching out, etc. AND being slow to anger, the inner beauty grows to put a smile on one's face.


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    • Hi Cee Cee,
      Amen. You are so right. I do find my greatest joy and feelings of accomplishment when I help others. And when I am satisfied for being selfless, I DO in fact feel beautiful.

      Have a blessed day Sis.
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