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I wanted to take a minute and start a real discussion; to spark conversation about how this group is being used and how we all can BEST use this network. This topic came to mind because I realized that while Black Business Women Online is quickly growing, only a handful of members regularly participate in Forum Discussions or Add Blog Posts and of that handful, the topics are usually the same. Though I feel we all can benefit from sharing our business services with the group, we need to both open up the forum and ourselves to the idea of discussing issues that can genuinely add substance and advice to those interested in building their businesses And to using this network as an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to Women of Color among a group of highly intelligent and ambitious black women. Now I myself do more than my share of self-promotion on BBWO, it is my network after all (lol) but that is not all I do and try to bring to this space. In between working and networking, I try to supply the group at large with resources and information that many can benefit from. And I would really like to see that happen more among more of our members. I've read several great, lively discussions on here and I want to build that type of energy on the group. Some great posts I've seen include: 0. Introduce Yourself 1. How Did You Establish Your Business? 2. Calling all authors and authoresses 3. Learn how to make money on BBWO 4. How do you stay motivated? I also wanted to spark conversation about what you, me, she, we all can really do on BBWO and any social network for that matter. I feel like more often than not, half of the people that join a group, join in the hopes that inclusion alone with help to get them noticed and promoted. And in reality that is far from the case. Those who will get the most out of any group, in particular this one, are members who participate. I do realize though, that sometimes participation is easier said than done. I myself, at one point didn't have a clue about what to do in a social network beyond joining and adding a few friends. But there is actually quite more for you to do here and many ways that you can really benefit from making the most of a network. Ok, so that being said I am going to throw out some suggestions and I hope you do the same. Share what works for you or what you would like to see happen by being a member of this group. Whatever it is, let's all start by simply sharing something. So here are a few suggestions of things I've done or seen other members to: - Adding photos or video is a great way to give people a better view of your biz - If you have an etsy store : You can add etsy content to your page - Start a group or join a group that focuses on your area of interest - Write a real blog post or forum discussion about your experience and/or advice * Most people enjoy reading posts that are genuine and informative, not just an ad - Talk about issues that matter to you, talk about being an entrepreneur - Talk about low funds, hard work, bad deals, great learning experiences, new goals - Talk about your dreams, your successes big and small * Be more than an advertiser, become a person that other members can relate to - Share words of encouragement, testimony - Talk about something you learned as a business person or about business - Can't figure something out? Ask the group. - Browse the member forum. Search for keywords relevant to you. Add a friend. - Browse the form categories. Reply to a discussion or unanswered question. - Post your site in the forum and request feedback. Find out what works & does not. - Share product samples or discounts with members. - Review member websites. Request link exchanges. - Add an event. Submit your site to a listed directory. - Post to your blog. Talk about your recent updates, what are you working on now? - Share your favorite resources with the group or select member friends. - Update your page with image, your site url, bio, etc. - Adding friends helps bring new people to your page. Comment on member pages. - Ummmm... I don't know, you suggest something now. - Learn how to make money on BBWO In short, though I love the idea of self-promotion, it isn't all that I want this group to be about. So let's be about something ladies! What do you say? Women of Color Coach Membership $29.99 Special

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  • Thank you for your suggestions. I am new at this whole website experience. I and my daughter are the owners of ' My daughter is the inspiration for Aneleh's Import, Inc. In the 10th grade she began making handcrafted jewelry. She grew into such and artist that she started selling it. As time went on her work became well known among my clients. It gave us the ideal of hand crafted and unique women accessories. I began to travel the globe and I noticed that everyone was importing women accessories except us. I wondered what was the difference between them and me and I came to the conclusion nothing but opportunity. I put the handcrafted ideal from my daughter making jewelry and decided to travel the globe and become an importer of fine women accessories that were handcrafted. So the name Aneleh is befitting because it is my Daughter's name spelled backwards Helena. So together we are bringing quality, style and taste to our sisters to create their own canvas in their wardrobe Our website is Please journey across the globe at the touch of a button.
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  • Hello Lashanda,
    Thank you for starting this post and this web site. You gave some great points. I'm so happy to have ran upon this site after doing a goggle search for social networking site. It's such a wonderful thing to be part of a group of intelligent, hardworking, women of color. What a true blessing! I look forward to learning and sharing with you and everyone on this site. God Bless!


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  • Hi I am really excited about this network for Sistas. I have only been a member for one week now and I am trying to find my way around. I have been an entrepreneur for over 17 years now. My first business was a medical transcription service that I operated out of my home while my children were younger. The business was very successful and I had 3 large specialist offices that I transcribed for. I went through a period of needing to interact more with adults and found myself working P/T back in the physician office. Worst mistake I could have made because it really took me away from my clients. My business folded after the first 3 years because I struggled financially. I then became certified in Christian Education and started a tutoring service for High School Students which I operated 2 nights a week from home while I also Home Schooled my children. Because of my big, kind heart I had a hard time charging the parents for my services, espcially when the mothers would complain about hard times and marital issues. So again because I kept discounting more and more the business could not sustain itself. I soon began working with troubled youth just as a charity. No money, no money, no money. Then after a few years I stumbled upon the Network Marketing industry. I have been involved with a few different MLM businesses and I have finally found my Niche. Health & Wellness. I am now an Independent Beach Body Coach with Team Beach Body and provide several phenomenal fitness videos, vitamins and shakes. The most unique thing that I have found about this business is the Online Health Forum and Social Network for customers. Take a look Check out Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, Slim 6 and others.

    I have gained great experience over the years and thank God daily for all of the ups and downs. In business education is key and it is the foundation for our growth.
  • Your suggestions and ideas has really motivated me full throttle! It is the extra pushes like this that can really get ones creative juices flowing!

    Not only do I agree with everything you said, I stand informed of new ways of networking and assisting my fellow sistahs when needed!

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful network of businesses by women of color!

    Nicci Butler
  • This is an excellent post!

    I love this network and am glad to be a part of it. Although I have been MIA for the past month or so, I have enjoyed being on the receiving end of all the information that is being provided on a regular basis.

    I'm looking forward to participating more often, as my schedule allows!
  • I am so happy to know about and be a part of this community! For the longest I have known that I wanted to leave the classroom and work home and just be mommy! I just didn't know how to pursue my goal. Joining BBWO has given me so much inspiration and information. My dream of having an online store is quickly becoming a reality and I have all of the wonderful ladies here to thank for that. Your knowledge, guidance, and encouragement mean a lot. Even though I've been a member for a few weeks, this is my first post. I've been reading everything, everyday as if my life counted on it! Thank you all! Chandra
  • This site is DEFINTIELY for Me! I am so Glad to see that I am on the right track! (LOL) Most of the suggestions that you made are systematic steps that I have been taking to really benefit from this site. I am meeting wonderful women by just adding them as friends. I try to take 3 days to meet new women on the site. There are so many stories of success out there that inspires and motivates. I have so many inspirational blogs and discussions that forces me to share my knowledge. I have to commend You LaShondra!!! A sista that is constantly Being of service to others is a disciplined-focused journey. And Charna sums it up best by saying to be able to share dreams, inspire, and empower is influential and has no choice but to impact our Black Women.
  • Hello Ladies;

    Yes this site is absolutely fantastic !

    I have so much going on here :) I recieve many invites and people just reach out. I've connected with some very positive women and we all get so much from one another it's very gratifying.

    My suggestion would be to make sure your page reflect who you are professionally 1st, that's what this sight is about, business,, chk your page frequently, this is just another way to network, be friendly and relax, we're all here to show support and grow together, have FUN and we gotta participate, tht's key in any business.

    Thanks again Ms. Henry ~ Much continued succes ......

    Make something happen ~ Each 1 ~ Teach 1....


    Royal T
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