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CEO of Me I am the Co-Founding President of a Non-profit organization called Sisters Striving for Excellence. SSE's mission is to promote public awareness and support the value of sisterhood, professionalism, and community service while representing a character of integrity. I am the owner and author of Corporate Chics which is scheduled to be released in October 1, 2009. Corporate Chics is a professional and exclusive company geared to assist women entrepreneurs. It is a business and networking organization that outsources and provides memberships to our clientele. Experienced in business plans, book publishing, among other services, the company is a resource to many new and small businesses. Our concept is to encourage and empower while providing an experience that is rewarding and beneficial. I have my Master's Degree in Business Security Management and worked in this field for five years. After becoming unemployed in November 2008, I have been able to start my career as a business consultant. If you need a consultant, shoot me an email and I will be happy to assist you! What can I say...God is good and I am on the Grind in '09. My passion: Writing and Singing. As a free lance writer I have had the opportunity to contribute to several online magazines and newspapers. Women can accomplish anything we put our minds to..Don't let anyone tell you different. But you must stay focused on completing each goal. I am excited about this website!!!! And I look forward to networking and "Sharing Excellence." Tawana (Necole) www.TawanaNecole.info



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Blogging & Surfing the web for new, factual, and informative information.









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  • Hey Tawana...

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  • Hi Tawana Necole

    Congratulations on your book and business. I love to see sister go after their dreams. I pray much success for you.
  • Hey Tawana,

    Hello! Myspace Comments

    And, to Invite you to join me on my New Network: EboneeForever.Ning.com
    Start treating Yourself to a little ME TIME TODAY! With that said make sure that you make yourself at home on MY Network and at My page; and, treat yourself to my wonderful, 100% Natural, (Inexpensive), Fabulous products that leave you and your skin feeling pampered...You won't be disappointed!

    ~Ms Ebonée
  • Can we feature you and your book in our magazine? Genesis Magazine is composing a feature article, "Between the Lines” that features new authors. This will include a picture of the author, picture of the book cover, brief article about the author and theme of the book and website etc. Please let me know if you want to be featured email me at editor@genesis1magazine.com)! View our current issue here:
  • I am so glad to see so many welcoming sista's on this site . I feel right at home with sista's out getting theirs in a legal way and not degrading themselves to get ahead . I love positive people that's about positive things. Yes im very interested in learning more about what it is that you do . You can probably get me faster @ laveniabrewton@yahoo.com. Due to me going to school I rarely have time to get into my sites but if you send me an email then i'll get back with you quicker. Look forward to hearing from you real soon.

    I am loving your page .Maybe you can help me with this project that I have been pondering with.?
  • Great to meet you. I look forward to learning more about your companies. Currently I am organizing a community clean-up and block party for the AUC/West End area. You can check my blog for more information, we would love to see you there!
  • Hi Tawana, thank you so much for reply - apologies for my late response, but I have just got back from South Africa, where I was visiting the 46664 Bangle project - wonderful! I will send you an email per your suggestion.
    Thank you!
  • Hey Tawana,

    Just wanted to say I'm loving your blog. You definitely have a new reader. Be blessed!

This reply was deleted.