September 29


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After the birth of my third child, Madison Mabel, I felt there was something missing from developmental toys and baby tees. Us! As a child growing up in the 80’s Bushwick, Brooklyn during the inception of Hip Hop, most of my profound memories are of block party’s, double dutch, break dancing, graffiti and street corner lyrical rhyming as expressions of art. My mom, a NYC school teacher taught me to reach my fullest potential. These things along with my fondest memories of my Nana Mabel gave birth to the brainchild, Nana’s Baby. When it was time to come up with a name for the company, I came up with plenty of names but none of them rang true to my heart and soul, like the sound of Nana’s Baby. It‘s the ties that bind! Whether you call her Nana, Nani, Mema, Grammy, Gammy, Granny or just plain ole’ Grandma it’s synonymous with pure love! Nana’s Baby toys and tees speak to everyone! Nana’s Baby toys take a different approach to learning. The toys are in the developmental phase right now and coming soon to a store near you! Nana’s Lil Baby (a division of Nana’s Baby, LLC) tees blends some of the sayings from “back in the day” with graffiti art, giving the t-shirts a nostalgic feel. It also incorporates some of today’s hippest sayings for the urban line and a sports collection for the fanatic in you! Sayings like “Tee Time” for the future Golf guru and “Baby Love” for the future tennis star are just some of the examples from the sports line. There is also “Rap Star” and Baby MC for future hip hop listeners. We also have downright adorable sayings like Shop ‘Til You Drool and Original Recipe! Nana’s Lil Baby t-shirts make the perfect gift for your baby or grandbaby. Even as a gift it will surely be taste of tradition with a twist! Cause every baby is Nana’s Baby! Check Nana's Baby out!! We're everywhere... http://www.nanasbaby.com http://www.nanaslilbaby.com http://www.nanaslilbaby.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/nanaslilbaby http://www.cafemom.com/home/NanasLilBaby Join Nana’s Baby in Our Spirit of Sports Campaign!! In celebrating the summer season, Nana’s Baby is re-launching our Golf, Tennis and Basketball T’s… Onesies: $20.99 (Sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months) Tees: $18.99 (Sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2, 4) Tee Time: Let the game begin for the newbie on the links. Hope you’re ready for an 18 hole game with this fresh dipped baby tee. Country Club Member: Members Only! The tee that grants access to the most exclusive clubs for babies. Don’t be surprised if your baby gets the most playdates!! Resident Golf Pro: Need a life? Hop into these fine wheels and let your “resident golf pro” show you around the course. Changing the Game: Baby ballers, shot caller….Dribble, pass and shoot with this tee. Changing the Game one baby step at a time. Baby Love: Deuce, Baby Love. Flaunt your style on and off the court in this tee. You’ll be a true winner! So Spread the word to your Golf, Tennis and Basketball buddies.......... Hey All, Nana’s baby is in the process of changing the way we do business in an effort to become environmentally conscious. We are doing our part to go green. In our mission to Change the World, Nana’s Baby will contribute 1% of every Change the World t-shirt sold to the Barack Obama campaign. $20.99 for the Onesies $18.99 for the Tees It’s never too early to Change the World. Speak the truth. Preserve the earth. Increase the Peace. So let your voice be heard Loud and clear! Help Nana's Baby Spread the Word to family, friends, colleagues, etc..... Thanks for your continued support! Changing The World, Angela Solomon President & Ceo Nana's Baby, LLC 570-223-7346 Photobucket



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  • Jse because...
  • Peace and light,

    It is great to have meet you and it is nice to be in like-minded community. I hope your life and your business is blessed and filled with abundance, light, ease, and happiness.

    Stay well,
    Ten Nebula
  • Are you still in the process of developing developmental toys?
  • Greetings!

    This is LaShanda Henry, founder of Black Business Women Online. I hope you are enjoying the network. If you want to really get started, Grab your FREE Black Business Starter Kit which includes social networking tips, webinars, and more.


    If you already signed up for the Kit that's Great! Have an amazing day.

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  • Hi.

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    Please advise if you offer this for business owners.

    Thanks a lot,

    Clarissa E. Griffin
    Healthy Hair Beauty Supply
  • Greetings from Atlanta, GA! I am glad to see another successful Black Business Woman Online!

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    SO, The Search is on. Volunteers are NEEDED! STANDUP FOR KIDS is an all volunteer program, so for us to be there for our homeless kids, we need your help! If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved e-mail me at: four4charity@yahoo.com. You can also visit the site: http://www.standupforkids.org/.

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I'm always looking forward to lend a helping hand. Also, let me know what your favorite Children’s Charity is!

    Visit 4charity Social Network

  • Bless your business, and stay inspire!
  • Hi Angela

    Happy New Years to you!

  • ALIVE™ Magazine will feature female entrepreneurs of color on its website each week. If you would like to be highlighted, send a 125 word description of your business to editor@alivemgaonline.com.

    The ALIVE™ Magazine Team
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