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A Woman's Inspirational Resource Company that specializes in hosting Beauty & Wellness Events

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Hello, my name is Gabriela R. Chavez. I am pleased to say I created something very special. www.beautiesonthego.com was born because I have always held such love for and a vision to showcase the many diverse talents of the many amazing women who scatter the globe. Being blessed to meet such beautiful women I have experienced and learned first hand that women are more than just physical beauty; the essence, that glow, the radiant spark: all comes from their beauty within. www.beautiesonthego.com is a place to demonstrate what you have, while having a support system and encouraging another to do the same. One of my many goals with this online community is to really help lovely women such as yourself, as well as teens from all walks of life bring out all of the inner gifts they may have lost sight of...or maybe didn't think they possessed. It's time to re-introduce women and teens to healthier and more positive lifestyles... I find inspiration in the younger and older people of our generation; the innocence, determination and strength of the beautiful people around me continue to push me forward. As the site grows you can look forward to some incredibly, fun and informative resources that include inspirational events and products, personal goal support, fun, social and educational events and workshops, as well as my very special Teen L.U.V.E Program. Sister, Mother, Wife, Aunt, Daughter, and dear Friend I gladly extend my embracing love and gratitude to you and invite you to be apart of my dream...and having the courage to pursue yours. I send a warm and loving invite for you to visit us at www.beautiesonthego.com Photobucket



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