December 29



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some direction on starting my own business

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not sure yet

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Just obtained a BBA and am currently working full time as an Admin Specialist.. its time I own something, and I am tired of working for other people

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playing word games, reading blogs, news, facebook, music

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  • Stopping by to say hello and offer any support we can as you develop your business! Feel free to check out how we're already supporting business women like you in the DC area: http://www.iota-gammadc.org. Maybe you can join us?!?

  • I Greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Thank you so much for adding me as a friend. I want to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join two of my groups entitled "Sista's Empowered by Gods Word" and "Testimony Corner". I am a firm believer in giving God all the Glory and Praise because he is so worthy.. He has truly done some amazing things in my life and I want to make people aware that I am a living witness to his healing and his favor on my life. Please join me and many other sisters from BBWO in helping to uplift the name of Jesus.

    I ask that God Bless you with increase, peace and favor.

    Be Blessed - Sis. Helen

    "There is no secret what God can do - what he's done for others - he will do the same for you"
  • Hello thank you for wanting to add me, glad my words inspired you...keep in touch and God Bless*

  • When the foot prints in the sand disappeared - it was then I new he carried me. Welcome to BBWO, This site is great, You are among many talented women who are determined to grow their business or even start a business.

    Be sure to reach out to the special coaches and teachers who will be more than happy to help you.

    I would like to send you a special invitation to join my group entitled "Sista's Empowered by Gods Word". This group will help enlighten your heart, spirit and mind. There are alot of exciting discussion that you can join in on and leave comments for the group as well-most of all this will help you to get your business profile out to new customers. Be sure to send me a friendship request and join the group ASAP.

    I pray that GOD continues to bless you and show you favor. Be Blessed - Sis. Helen
  • Well Jill, God blesses everyone with talents, you menton that you are tired of working with other people, you want to own something well what is it that you will like to do instead of Admin position, ? What is the one thing that you always wanted to do? Pray on this that I am asking you and let God speak to your heart and mind, this is what I had to do before I started my own business last year, I had just been let go at my job and was like feeling stuck and God brought the inspiration for me to start my own business and I tell you it was so inspiring, because I am still doing it right now, I am still working on a website , but check out my profile page here on BBWO, and I hope it inspires you when you read it.. You seen inspire to really do something you will be inspire by and love doing, so I hope to have a friend request sent so we can keep in touch, here on BBWO. When you speak with the different women here on BBWO you will find that half of them started off just like you in what direction they wanted to take and God inspire them and now they all have very bless successful businesses.. ... Be Bless Jill
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