Bishop, GA


April 22

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I am a peculiar Afro American woman. Loved, loving, and loveable :-). I enjoy meeting positive people and exchanging positive energy. Men, Money, and Material things are nice to have, but they are certainly not a necessity...more along the lines of a Nice-cessity :-). Once you put the One who is truly a top priority first, the rest is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, I am still working on getting my piece of cake...sometimes I do manage to smell the aroma of it **smile**. I am an earth tones kinda girl, I love listening to jazz music, and keeping myself company, as I know better than anyone what makes me happy. Check out my website, Afro Puffs and Ponytails. It's an inspirational online website for African American/Black girls. Consider becoming a sponsor or just leave some encouraging words for the HIgh Achievers. I am sure it will make their day! Also, visit my Soul-Mart, the Black Vendors Market. Its an online soul-mart so to speak. I used to want products, unique black-inspired products when I would not have money, but when I got some money, I could not remember where to find the products. I don't have that problem any more. I keep all of my shops close by for when the money comes in, I can just click and pay!



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building connections





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