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I am enigma. I'm a well educated thug minister of God's word. I'm blessed with a wonderful husband and kids that make me continually proud. I've got a big mouth, a "black coffee" way with words and a heart that, though shattered several times, is overflowing with love. I tend to be a homebody. I like quiet times, good books and great films. I'm facinated and talented with words; reading and writing bring me much joy and peace.



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publishing, marketing and tweeting







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  • Greetings!

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  • Hello Michelle, Read your announcement at Black CEO's. I recognize and accept one must manage their resource wisely. Your thoughts in writing are good reading, be assured we will stay connected. Networkingly yours, Rickey
  • Hello Michelle! I hope your weekend was a great one. Gina
  • Hi! Just stopping by to say hello and invite you as a friend. I live in Southern California and mama to two kids who think they are grown and know it all. Love them all the same! Would love to get to know you and network! Take care, Hugs~Angie

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    Ameriplan Health®
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    Creator~WAHM Directory
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    Creator~Twittermoms.com group Southern California Moms
  • Hello Michelle, have a great weekend!
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