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May 26

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Entrepreneur,Inventor, of Paper Ring P/N 6113298, Stationery organizer, P/N 6764100, Web Developer, Illustrator,Screenplay Writer.Retired My mission is to get a 'Black Inventors poster' into the hands of the children in your family,given to them by you and autographed by me. view poster here http://rjmiro.com/ez-catalog/X379795/50/37692NP?layout=system:layout_0100.xsl Thanking you in advance for your help. God Bless us all Ruth J. Miro

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Learning, Encouraging, Networking



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  • Welcome, Ruth!
  • Greetings my friend and Welcome!,


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  • Welcome Ruth,

    What a mission you're on. Please accept my invitation to add me as a friend and connect with 26,000+ black professionals that are supporting each other's businesses (churches are welcomed). It is a powerful group with lots of benefits and opportunity to connect with other powerful black professionals and their families all around the world. We are currently in the pre-launch phase, so can you imagine what's going to happen after the launch this month in Atlanta, GA.

    This is one of the hottest, new websites on the Internet, called www.globalblackbusinessnetwork.com. Black people are uniting to network and support black businesses. It's really great. If you’re ready to be a part of a movement that will create wealth in our communities (that means you) I encourage you to click on the link, JOIN and list yourself (for FREE) for exposure and reach for your products and/or services. This is also an awesome resource to find and buy black products/services from black professionals (join for FREE). Visit the site and check out the businesses where brothers and sistas are part of this GROWING movement to “Buy Black”. Say a prayer for me on my journey, I will be traveling to Atlanta for the official launch this weekend. A truly historical event, the movement officially begins.

    Be blessed,

    Barb B, MBA
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