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We all have a story. Our willingness to be transparent with our story has been the key element to helping, couples and individuals alike take their relationship and life to the next level. We help people break out of mediocre living and find their place of peace, calm, passion and healing. If you use the tools we give, I can guarantee your life will never be the same. My husband and I are on a mission to save families, one marriage at a time. Let it start with YOU !


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  • Thank you for your request!  Sorry it took so long for me to respond.  Just getting back on here. 


    Random Word Blends for Choosing the Right Business Name

    2957768622?profile=originalAdd a little research to your process. Venture into words from other languages and try some random blends. Generate intrigue and curiosity. If interesting enough, some will wonder and others will even ask, “Where did you get your name from or what’s the inspiration behind your name?” Be sure to choose a name with substance; a name that when translated in your native language, sounds magnificent, has valued meaning, or essence. For example, Savvy Writer in Spanish is Savvy Escritor, in Turkish is Anlayışlı Writer, in Latin is Writer Xenium and these are just to name a few for ideas. Google Translator (translate.google.com) is a great tool for testing random words in other languages.

    Read more: http://wattspublishinggroup.com/random-word-blends-for-choosing-the...

  • Thanks for the request! Looking forward to connecting with you : )
  • Thank you for accepting my friend request. I look forward to your updates!
  • Hello Mrs. Austin and Blessings to you!  The title of my book is "Life Beyond Size 6."  The website has been shut down, but I will be revamping things and featuring my business as a whole, not just my book.  I have enjoyed watching your videos.  You and your husband have a wonderful ministry.  I feel the connection through the screen.  I could learn a lot from you two.
  • Thanks for the request S.P.! It's always a pleasure to meet like minded people. When time permits take a look at my website http://www.ardyss.com and let me know what you think. I am excited about things to come!!! I look forward to networking with you!

    Latavia Snell
  • thank you so much! wish you nothing but the best as well :)
  • Thanks for the friends request.
    Keep in touch and stop by any time.
  • Thanks for the connection!

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  • Thanks for the add!
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