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February 15

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Variety House by Stephanie

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Variety House by Stephanie considers it a blessing to marry the person that God has created for you. We are so excited about celebrating with you on your special day. Variety House by Stephanie is a consulting company that helps the bride and groom plan every detail of their wedding. On that day, EVERYTHING should be perfect. We can help from the engagement through the honeymoon or just on the wedding day. However, you prefer our help we are willing to do. Weddings are something a girl dreams about from the time she is born. Every girl dreams of having a wonderful wedding. All throughout her life, her focus is having the perfect wedding. When that day comes, she wants everything to go smoothly. What better way for it to go smoothly, but by allowing Variety House by Stephanie make your day complete. Although the wedding is a very special day for the bride and groom, Variety House by Stephanie wants to encourage the happy couple to pray about their future together. We are happy to say that our company gives the complete package deal. All packages will include material that teaches the covenant of marriage. It is very important to know how God views marriage. We will discuss the true meaning of marriage, and how to make it last. We give you the wedding package and teachings of the covenant of marriage. How great is that! Let Variety House by Stephanie help reveal your visions in a vogue style.



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  • Hello, I want to share a few tools with you that's made a lot of difference in my business.

    http://businessvidz.com this is free software that teaches you how to use twitter to make money.
    http://sharedaluv.farrell10.hop.clickbank.net this website teaches you how to build you list first before selling a product online so you will always have a market to sell too. this is an auto responder that I'm learning to rely on heavily to help monitor your list of clients


  • Peace and light,

    It is great to have meet you and it is nice to be in like-minded community. I hope your life and your business is blessed and filled with abundance, light, ease, and happiness.

    Stay well,
    Ten Nebula
  • Greetings my friend and Welcome!
    How are you?
    Just stopping by to say hello and thank you for your friendship...
    Stay In touch,
    See what's new! http://www.ytb.com/rushing
    Thanks, Bob & Shirley

  • Hello Stephanie
  • That would be great! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to help :-) My online store can be used for business or personal needs so the if there is a need more than likely I can help you directly or thru my partner stores!
  • Thanks for the add Stephanie!
  • Hello Stephanie,
    I wanted to tell you about Ribbon Gift Collections and how they can add to your business.

    Ribbon Gift Collections leave a lasting impression because your client or loved one will think of you when you give them the card/ collection booklet, when they redeem the card, and when they receive the gift THEY chose.

    Best of all you can stay within your budget and not look "cheap" because the price of the gift isn't on the card or on the redemption site! So the perceived value is even higher than what you actually paid!

    Each gift collection comes with a variety of gifts for the recipient to choose from, FREE SHIPPING for YOU when you order the collection and FREE SHIPPING for THEM when they pick the gift they want!

    They also come with a 6 Month Money Back/ Satisfaction Guarantee where you can return it for a full refund (we pay postage) or your client can exchange the gift they chose for another gift in the collection.

    The collections range from $30-$1000 so they fit EVERYONE'S budget! There is also no limit on how many you can order or even give to your client or loved ones! There is a collection for every occasion or "just because".

    Here are 2 commercials to give a visual on how they are used for business or family and friends:


    Here is the direct link to the gift collections:

    Click on the collection in your price range and scroll down to see what comes in the


    Redemption Site:
    You can also see what each collection contains through the redemption site. Orders can be made at the link above.


    Thank you so much for your time. Please contact me if you have any questions about how to order. I am here to help.

    Michelle Cole
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