Taylor, MI


December 29

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I try to surround myself with blessed, motivated likeminded individuals who I can network with

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Health and wellness, MLM

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I am the eldest of 6 children, so I've always been a very independent thinker. I have a geat desire to help others and my greatest joys come when I know I have made a difference. I have never been one for the traditional 9-5. My father has been an entrepreneur since I was very young, so I was raised with an understanding of the importance of ownership. I am blessed am highly favored. I just recently went from working every night for the past 10 yrs as a bartender, to being my own boss. I am currently building my team with Ardyss International in Michigan, and hopefully Ohio soon. I know networking works, if you work it. It's about a mutual benifit, for a greater good. I'm here to do God's work. As I reached 30 in December, I have been reflecting on the things I know for sure. Here are just a few. 1. People don't win the race by constantly looking back. 2. The only person I can change is ME. 3. Fear can paralyze and destroy your dreams, if you let it. 4. Working through your fear makes you stronger. 5. Karma is real! 6. Knowledge and wisdom are two different things. 7. You are who you believe you are. 8. Growth is change. Change is good. 9. It is the resistance to change that causes pain. 10. Success can be insured by perserverance, endurance, and the willingness to adjust.



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I just recently began to use the internet on a regular basis. I hope to be networking a lot.



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