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February 22

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To find new friends and to promote my online business

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We teach new and existing business owners the art and science of internet marketing to increase sales in their online businesses

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I’m a fun loving person that also likes to make money so I can have more time for fun! These are the fun things I like doing reading, playing tennis, watching movies, getting together with my friends, traveling (which I have been too busy to do lately), promoting my businesses and learning new things. I have been investing in single family homes for some time and we all know how changelings this industry is presently. I am now intent on helping people learn how to make a good living from marketing on the internet. Especially with the economy the way it is people need good financial alternatives. I want to get the word out about my businesses. Hear what other people are doing. See if we can all help each other in some way.



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business research, watching movies, reading my emails





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    product online so you will always have a market to sell too. this is an
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  • Thank you this is the first gift I've received. So I feel duly blessed.
  • Hi Cherly I missed this question. I use blogger and I'm non technical. For me it was easier to use than wordpress, although if you want to make money I think you should use wordpress. I'm probably going to have to switch back to wordpress. But if you just want to display your work and refer people to your etsy site than blogger (blodspot.com) is fine. Do read all the info and comments before you start and it will help. I didn't.smile

    Good Luck.
  • Hi Cheryl, our real estate market always does slightly better than the national average in my area (DC metro)...The job market continues to remain strong and steady. We have our "vast government" and all its tentacles to thank for this.

    I appreciate you asking....How is business for yourself?
  • ADD Me for Friend, Hello CHERYL!

    They're AMAZING! Call 626.437.8382 Click below:

  • Welcome to BBW I love those pillows. I juried into a black women's copp from a pillow I had made. these are gorgeous.
  • This is a nice promo idea. I'm not sure if mine connected all the way through though....?
  • Welcome to BBWO we are so excited to have you in the relm of such wonderful and beautiful women who are here to help encourage, unlift and enlighten you. Please feel free to browse my site and also add me as a friend (as I am at my limit again). God Bless - Sis Helen

  • Welcome to BBWO: I encourage you to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities to gain valuable business insights, tools and networking with other profressionals. I extend this invitation to you to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS on my page.

    Please feel free to add me as your friend.

  • Hello Cheryl,

    You'll find an awesome group of women here lead by a dynamic
    Entrepreneur Lashanda Henry.

    Feel free to add me as a friend!

    The Dynamite "Authentic Life" Empowerment
    Mentor, Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker
    Breakthrough 2010! Live Big, Bold and Beautiful!!
    Join the revolution
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