Friends (19)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Angela Jenkins

    Birthday:March 29 What's Your Business?Interested in starting my own business
  • Lougenia J. Rucker, MA

    What's Your Business?Providing innovative empowering & inspirational services/ products to help others to define, embrace & live on purpose. My passion is working with women & youth to support them in their pursuit of happiness by realizing, refining and releasing their personal brilliance with joy and prosperity! We offer training, consulting, coaching and speaking services. In addition, my personal mission is to inspire women to create time and space for sacred self-care and wellness rituals.
  • Loure' Bussey

    What's Your Business?Author, Singer-Songwriter, Artist, Fashion Designer,,
  • Theresa Teverbaugh

    What's Your Business?Empowered With Knowledge
  • Andrea macon

    Birthday:December 2 What's Your Business?Adore Beauty Collection
  • Jan Maiden

    What's Your Business? - -Travel Service online
  • MACs

    What's Your Business?Women's Group
  • kiffany

    What's Your Business?Dugger Publishing, LLC
  • Sandy Harrison

    Birthday:September 21 What's Your Business?Protecting our kids online

    What's Your Business?http"//www,
  • Spirit

    What's Your Business?Motivation Womens Group, Meal Replacement Nutritional Shake-VISALUS, Insurance Brokerage.
  • Helen Orme

    What's Your Business?I'm the founder and pastor of Shekinah Glory Tabernacle as well as Destiny Learning Center
  • Denise G. Hanney

    What's Your Business?The Spa Expectations Corporation / Expectations Mobile Spa & Women's Resource Service
  • Healthy Hair Beauty Supply

    What's Your Business?hair supply products
  • Coach Stephanie

    What's Your Business?Talking Without Stopping!!!!!!!
  • Anne Harris

    What's Your Business?cosmetics
  • Kimsuccess Milton

    What's Your Business?Business and Consumer Products