Friends (16)

  • Autumn Sheree Morris

    Birthday:January 31 What's Your Business?I am in the process of launching my own magazine under the name MANE DAME
  • Tatia #BossQueen Bradley

    Birthday:January 6 What's Your Business?#BRANDING TB
  • Jacquelyn The Creatriss

    Birthday:December 4 What's Your Business?Diva Glass Slippers - slip on coasters/identifiers for stemware. Customizable by fabric, charms, theme. Ideal for celebrations and gifts.
  • Theresa E. Grant

    Birthday:June 11 What's Your Business?selling my novels and ebooks
  • Michael W. Copper Jr.

    Birthday:September 2 What's Your Business?My company specializes in helping people save time and money and improving there health and wellness.
  • Tracie

    Birthday:January 2 What's Your Business?LPN, CEO/Owner at Nia Homecare, Nail Technician/Manicurist,
  • Dionne Wright-Jones

    What's Your Business?Gift Baskets and Gifts
  • Nadia Mathews

    Birthday:August 13 What's Your Business?Grace and Peace Consulting: We are a consulting firm that helps writers connect their vision with pens and write their story. We also assist in Branding and Vision Coaching.
  • Joelle Fleurimont

    Birthday:August 27 What's Your Business?Zi-Solution Inc, an authorized distributor for an effective all natural herbal supplement
  • Kenyada Mabone

    Birthday:November 17 What's Your Business?I Sell Wigs (Full Lace Wigs) (Long,Short,and Medium

    What's Your Business?Author
  • Hardest Working Woman In Credit

    What's Your Business?Kox financial Consulting Group, LLC
  • Julie Murphy

    What's Your Business?Selling the 46664 Bangle in support of the 46664 campaign of the Nelson Mandela Foundation
  • Shirley Rushing

    What's Your Business?Rushing Travel Agent Online Travel And Cruise Service

    What's Your Business?PUBLICIST to the Rich and Famous, Concerts, Corporations, Exclusive Events, Television & Films, Mega Fundraisers, Marketing, Advertising, Photography, Corporate Sponsors
  • Desiree Richardson

    What's Your Business?Plug In Profits