Burnsville, MN


November 17

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I want to network, there is a lot of women that wear wigs these days for what ever reason. I am one of the honest people and I try to make sure that my clients that I come en contact with are comfortable with me

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I Sell Wigs (Full Lace Wigs) (Long,Short,and Medium

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I am a single african american women that want to help people feel good about them selves where it's just because or you are thinning of the hair or you are suffering with cancer or what ever, here at The Wig Parlour what ever your need is that's what we want to help you with. I to suffer with alopecia that I have had all my life. I felt lost to as a young women not knowing what to do and what would make me pretty again, but I promise you when God made wigs he made them for all types of women including you, so lets do this together with God. There has got to be some one that needs my help. Thank you The Wig Parlour



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I search for information about wigs so I am reading all the time online



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  • "When the foot prints in the sand disappeared - it was then I new GOD carried me".

    I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ and my heart does go out to you sister in your time of sorrow. Know that GOD can carry us thru any and everything that may come our way. I is an anchor in times of storm and a shelter.when it seems the world is crumbling around us. I am here for you and pray that GOD gives you the strength everyday to make it a step further.

    I would personally like to invite you to Sista's Empowered by GODs Word 2009. I created this network and it's a wonderful and soul satisfying place. A place where I find peace and compassion from the ladies and gentlemen there.

    Stop by and see the blessings of the Lord.

    Be Forever Blessed - Sis. Helen
  • Good Morning Sis Helen
    thank you so much for thinking about me. As 2009 left and 2010 came about I praise God for giving me the light to see. As I look back on my life in 2009 and I seen what I went though, I knew If I has not hung on to God I would not have made it this far in my life. It was just 6 years ago that I asked for God to come into my life and help me with my words, help me to help myself, help me to pray for those that I love, help me to feed the hungry, and help me to open up my home for shelter. Ms Helen God got you by one hand and you got me by the other, and I am safe. Bless you and your family members and I pray for you everyday. Blessing

  • Praise the Lord Family of BBWO - Knowing that is was GOD and GOD alone who brought me thru to see a new day in 2010 I can't help but give him the praise and the glory. Many people did not see this day or this new year but I was one of the ones who did. Give GOD something in return. Help me uplift his name and give him the Total Praise. Visit me at Sista's Empowered by GODs Word 2009 at the following link:

    Be Blessed - Sis. Helen

  • Welcome to BBWO we are so excited that you decided to join the network. May Gods Peace, Love and Blessing be upon you And may you be blessed with tremendous favor and increase in the coming year.

    Be Blessed - Sis Hellen (Sista's Empowered by Gods Word 2009) at http://www.sistasempoweredbygodsword2009.ning.com
  • Hi Kenyada,

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your networking experience while on this wonderful site.

    Please review my HIV / AIDS Film Trailer and tell me what you think. Thanks!

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