Friends (163)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Rhonda Nails

    Birthday:October 16 What's Your Business?Speaker/Instigator/Author = Project PUSH
  • Tiffany Jones

    Birthday:March 21 What's Your Business?The Black Woman's Rule Book
  • Veronica M Brooks

    Birthday:May 27 What's Your Business?Providing information on Gaining Wealth
  • Monique Stoner

    Birthday:November 12 What's Your Business?Businss & Executive Coaching
  • K.C. Washington

    Birthday:March 19 What's Your Business?An online gift store that features Black Pinup Girls
  • Kimberly (Kimmi) Cannon

    Birthday:August 15 What's Your Business?Landscaping/Garden designer
  • Tina C. Hines

    What's Your Business?I am a Life Transformation Specialist whose focus is primarily in assisting women in reconnecting with their inner self and reclaim the essence of who they were or want to become.
  • Sharon Smith-Akinsanya

    Birthday:February 1 What's Your Business?I am a full time fundraiser
  • Pauline Haynes

    What's Your Business?Personal Life Coaching
  • Larie Writes

    What's Your Business?Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, & Chef
  • Tatia #BossQueen Bradley

    Birthday:January 6 What's Your Business?#BRANDING TB
  • Sandra M Hawkes

    Birthday:December 5 What's Your Business?ghostwriter
  • Lorraine Currelley

    What's Your Business?Author/Poet/Educator/Mental Health Counselor/Grief & Bereavement Counselor
  • Rochelle Carter

    Birthday:November 4 What's Your Business?Christian Book Publishing
  • Monique Long

    What's Your Business?New Media
  • Kyra Cobb

    What's Your Business?Business Brokerage
  • Regina L. Partee

    Birthday:June 23 What's Your Business?Screenwriting and Film Production