Friends (29)

  • Wendy & Tony

    Birthday:June 21 What's Your Business?Prosperity Marketing System. Froever Living Products
  • Stephanie Ricks

    Birthday:February 15 What's Your Business?Variety House by Stephanie
  • Ms.Dahlia

    Birthday:August 12 What's Your Business?Magazine Owner/ Editor and Radio talk show host
  • Eliana Marcia

    Birthday:May 24 What's Your Business?vocalist Band leader
  • Catherine Andres

    Birthday:December 16 What's Your Business?Sewing
  • Charity Limula

    Birthday:March 17 What's Your Business?Life caoching
  • Simply Opulent

    What's Your Business?Natural Hair Products & Lace Wigs
  • Lawanda Dogan

    Birthday:August 7 What's Your Business?Wow green Distributor
  • Chaquis Maliq

    Birthday:July 23 What's Your Business?QuiSound Entertainment
  • esther johnson

    Birthday:December 3 What's Your Business?events/entertainment management and i am DJ DIVA(hip hop,r&b,danceahll plays)
  • Pastor Dee Dee

    Birthday:September 5 What's Your Business?Travel and Communications
  • Dana Hickles

    What's Your Business?Event and Travel Planning
  • Bliss

    Birthday:August 16 What's Your Business?EVENT PLANNER, MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS
  • Andrea macon

    Birthday:December 2 What's Your Business?Adore Beauty Collection
  • Irene Brautigam

    Birthday:September 16 What's Your Business?Realtor, Author
  • Robin Blakely

    Birthday:November 5 What's Your Business?xoomaworldwide

    What's Your Business?THICK Companies /!/ - Resource For People of Size
  • Ruthie Appleby

    Age:61 Birthday:October 30 What's Your Business?Lazboy sales & marketing consultant (free)