Friends (152)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Leukemiona Daniels

    Birthday:February 23 What's Your Business?Answering Service/Poet
  • How2HealAChild'sSpirit

    Birthday:December 19 What's Your Business?SHARING INFORMATION
  • Dana Neal

    Birthday:August 19 What's Your Business?I have many businesses
  • Jessica

    Birthday:June 3 What's Your Business?Uniquic Boutique
  • Irene L

    What's Your Business?Amazon Prime Member
  • Renita Mason

    What's Your Business?Ardyss International
  • Daphne Clarke-Hudson

    Birthday:December 11 What's Your Business?Personal Development Consulting, Inspirational & Keynote Speaking
  • Ericka Jackson

    Birthday:September 9 What's Your Business?Greaterworkz Multimedia Group
  • Richetta

    Birthday:November 12 What's Your Business?Life Coach for Women
  • Brandon

    Birthday:June 4 What's Your Business?ViralSO
  • Angela Jenkins

    Birthday:March 29 What's Your Business?Interested in starting my own business
  • Rynda

    Birthday:August 3 What's Your Business?Zurvita Consultant
  • Anita

    Birthday:October 12 What's Your Business?Anita Charlot International
  • Carolyn Coleman

    What's Your Business?Hair Care Network International
  • lakeisha davis

    Birthday:December 31 What's Your Business?author
  • Gwendolyn Hatten Dillions

    Birthday:May 20 What's Your Business?Image Consulting, Doncaster Fashion Consultant, Radio Talk Show Host, Caterer,Minister
  • Alicea

    Birthday:October 21 What's Your Business?Traverus Travel and health