Friends (91)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Brandon

    Birthday:June 4 What's Your Business?ViralSO
  • Cheri Ba

    Birthday:October 31 What's Your Business?Ba The Network
  • Jan Maiden

    What's Your Business? - -Travel Service online
  • Harriet P. Harrison

    What's Your Business?Empowering Women 4 Greatness
  • Tyora Moody

    Birthday:July 13 What's Your Business?Marketing and Design
  • Ann Tillage

    Age:52 Birthday:May 21 What's Your Business?The Sharmooz
  • Marta Lewis-Velasquez

    What's Your Business?Perfume and Candle Sales
  • Teresita Glasgow

    What's Your Business?In His Season, Inc.
  • Jessica G. White

    What's Your Business?Faith-Based Media Production Training and Consulting!
  • Vanda McCauley

    What's Your Business?Beauty Salon
  • LeTicia

    What's Your Business?Personal Development CD's and Luxury Personal Care Products
  • Sheila J. Lester

    Age:47 Birthday:March 3 What's Your Business?Jay Lester and Company LLC
  • Kareen Aristide

    What's Your Business?Helping women realize their career aspirations and entrepreneurial dreams while raising kids through FAITH, HOPE and LOVE!
  • Soiree' 365

    Age:53 Birthday:December 18 What's Your Business?Interior Design Stylist/Home Accesories/Gift Baskets & Party Favors
  • Bridgette L. Collins

    Age:59 Birthday:January 15 What's Your Business?Fitness Consulting
  • Lakishi Johnson

    What's Your Business?Author
  • Veronique

    What's Your Business?Strategies Empowerment Group