Friends (266)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Tee Michelle Porter

    Birthday:November 30 What's Your Business?Author of Children's Book
  • Herbert Harris

    Birthday:August 15 What's Your Business?book publishing and network marketing
  • Dana Neal

    Birthday:August 19 What's Your Business?I have many businesses
  • Jeanette Davis

    Birthday:December 24 What's Your Business?Author of Inspiring Racially Conscious books & Memoir
  • Divas Inspire Women Empowerment

    Birthday:January 25 What's Your Business?Divas Inspire Women Emporwement Brand
  • Denise Lize

    Birthday:January 1 What's Your Business?DLize Business Solutions ,B2B International Marketing & PR
  • Lauren Robbins

    Birthday:April 1 What's Your Business?Full service travel agency specializing in cruise vacations
  • mychosia nightingale

    Birthday:March 31 What's Your Business?Child Care Infant Center
  • Day-Day

    Birthday:June 29 What's Your Business?daheprod
  • Cathy Harris

    Birthday:October 6 What's Your Business?Empowerment Company
  • Alfanette Mays

    Birthday:October 17 What's Your Business?Simply Amazing Organic Products
  • Tequina Moore

    Birthday:July 15 What's Your Business?Ardyss International/Body Magic
  • African-American United Pageants

    Birthday:August 29 What's Your Business?African-American United Pageant
  • Bourne2Shine

    Birthday:November 17 What's Your Business?Consultant/Tax Prepration/Retail Boutique/Day Spa
  • Angela Jenkins

    Birthday:March 29 What's Your Business?Interested in starting my own business
  • Cicely J

    Birthday:December 12 What's Your Business?CRJ Publishing, LLC
  • Black Shopping Channel

    Birthday:May 4 What's Your Business?24 hour shopping channel