Friends (37)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • T. Lee-Johnson

    Birthday:January 6 What's Your Business?Blogger and Virtual Book Tour Coordinator
  • BlackHomeSchoolers

    What's Your Business?Online sales and services - Home School Products
  • Tisha M. Silvers

    What's Your Business?Consulting to WAHM homeschoolers
  • ladymadea

    What's Your Business?La Bella Baskets
  • Alicia Young

    What's Your Business?An On-Line Lingerie Boutique
  • Tracy Hill

    What's Your Business?Online Sales
  • Pamela

    What's Your Business?I'm a telecom broker. I market digital phone service for home or business, wireless home security and other telecom products. Our phone service allows you to make calls over the internet without the use of a PC and will save you 50% on your current bill. I'm also partnered with fortune 500 & 100 companies (you already know) to provide you the best products, pricing and service. In addition, I can help you increase your financial portfolio with a cutting edge business concept. We are dealing with services that are necessities and you can't pay off. If you have to PAY these bills anyway, why not get PAID for them as well. I can help you position yourself to leverage the growing VoIP marketing. There are currently 11 to 12 million people using digital phone service today. There are 130 million homes in the U.S. still using analog services that will have to eventually change over. Wouldn’t you like to get paid for introducing someone "one-time" to digital and get paid every time they pay their bill? This is a business that is working for YOU while YOU work your 9 to 5. You are currently working for LINEAR income. You get paid for the hours you put in. When you get sick or stop working, the money also stops. With RESIDUAL income, you do something ‘one-time” but continue to get paid for that one action. Put a "Plan B" in place now. Do something once and create a residual income for yourself that will be there as an additional stream of income, when you retire, or build a new lifestyle. We refer friends and family to hotels, restaurants, doctors, retail stores all the time and get nothing. Now refer someone to these fortune 500 & 100 companies and get paid when YOU and THEY pay these necessary bills. It's as simple as changing your conversation. Businesses on WALL STREET are going down, but right now this company is boasting 800% GROWTH. We have been in "INC. 500" 3 years in a row (unheard of for most companies). Contact me and let you give you a quick overview of how you can make a residual with this global company.
  • TheShoeLady

    Birthday:October 5 What's Your Business?I have an online shoes and clothing and
  • Melvina Garcia

    Birthday:December 5 What's Your Business?Inspirational Expressions Christian Gift Store

    Age:115 Birthday:January 1 What's Your Business?BLUEBOYENTERTAINMENT/HEART STOPPER PRODUCTIONS
  • Kala Mujibha

    What's Your Business?Aseyori Market is an online African arts market. It specializes in everything from masks to jewelery- all authentic, hand crafted pieces from Africa.
  • Courtney R. Franklin

    What's Your Business?Motivational Speaking & Empowerment Coaching
  • Ebony G.

    What's Your Business?Credit restoration, real estate investing, and APPROVING mortgages!
  • Rennie Williams

    What's Your Business?Fragrance Consulting
  • Clyde Anderson

    Birthday:June 15 What's Your Business?Custom Evenr Planner
  • Anju - Indian Princess

    What's Your Business?international/gospel singer - and children's angels foundation
  • Jennic

    What's Your Business?Unique, wooden, and handmade toys and smart children products.