Friends (99)

  • Marchalle Couch

    Birthday:September 12 What's Your Business?Marchalle's Beauty Supply
  • Nakia Gray

    Birthday:November 29 What's Your Business?Premium Hair Extensions
  • Tricia Naomi

    Birthday:March 21 What's Your Business?I am a Freelance Writer, Author an Marketing and Casting Director
  • Penny Jones dba Zivalacewigs

    Birthday:August 15 What's Your Business?Providing hair solutions to women working while in cancer treatment.
  • Kalima Lewis

    Birthday:January 31 What's Your Business?Lady in the Shoe Productions
  • Ms. D

    Birthday:October 10 What's Your Business?Independent Sales Jewelry for Cookie Lee
  • Cyndi Harris

    What's Your Business?Affluent romance dating consultant: I teach women how to become the beautiful, irresistible, “One of a kind woman”/Muse they are meant to be & attract exceptional romance.
  • GeAnita

    What's Your Business?Entertainment & Management company
  • Day-Day

    Birthday:June 29 What's Your Business?daheprod
  • Tanaya

    What's Your Business?Jewelry
  • Michelle Jenkins Milam

    Birthday:January 21 What's Your Business?Milam Cleaning Service
  • Sylvia Browder

    Birthday:February 15 What's Your Business?Browder Consulting Group & National Association Women on the Rise
  • Cathy Harris

    Birthday:October 6 What's Your Business?Empowerment Company
  • christie williams

    Birthday:July 27 What's Your Business?Author/Designer
  • Create2Empower

    Birthday:August 29 What's Your Business?Consulting
  • lakeesha nichols

    Birthday:November 20 What's Your Business?beauty salon
  • SpokenWord Gospel

    Birthday:March 18 What's Your Business?1 HOUR WEAVE AND SPOKENWORDGOSPEL
  • SoulSeed Tees

    Birthday:February 19 What's Your Business?T-shirts inspired by the Black woman and Ancient Egypt