Texarkana, AR


July 27

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I am a Prophetess/Minister of the Gospel, an Author, and a Designer. I design Fashions and Floral. I own Creative Expressions a home interior redesign business.



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Reading, Shopping

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  • Hi Christie, up until now we haven’t connected directly on here. I hope this message will initiate a communication between us.

    I was surfing the site, looking for upscale, intelligent professionals who I could network with, and stumbled upon you.

    About me: I write articles for dozens of different websites on personal finance and credit-related topics. One of my latest articles is Your Credit Score Can Get You Fired. If you think it might help you or any of your buddies, please share it. I'm only interested in making a difference in people's lives.

    I've worked in the real estate, mortgage, and credit repair industry for the past 9 years. My latest book, “Break the Shackles of Bad Credit: 133 Strategies to Fix Your Credit in 2010", is a 353 page book with step-by-step strategies to help people in our community fix their credit problems so they can do things like start a business, buy a home, get out of debt and so forth.

    Millions of people in our community need this kind of help, so I'm offering a free download of it to anyone you might know.

    For info on my new book, or any of my free weekly articles, just visit www.watsoncredit.com

    I'd love to know more about you or your business. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

    Take care and God Bless,


  • Greetings and Welcome

    Come Join us when you can!

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  • Praise the Lord Family of BBWO - Knowing that is was GOD and GOD alone who brought me thru to see a new day in 2010 I can't help but give him the praise and the glory. Many people did not see this day or this new year but I was one of the ones who did. Give GOD something in return. Help me uplift his name and give him the Total Praise. Visit me at Sista's Empowered by GODs Word 2009 at the following link:

    Be Blessed - Sis. Helen
  • Hello Christie,

    Welcome to BBWO!

    This is an awesome group of women and our founder Lashanda is excited about
    seeing women develop their full potential as business women.

    Feel free to join groups you identify with and share your content and

    I look forward to learning more about you.

    Please add me as a friend if you desire.

    Request my free empowering gift
    "3 Big mistakes women make...."

    Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

    Empowering you,

    Women of purpose, passion and empowered to win "Spirit, Soul and Body"
  • Greetings!
    I am presently writing a book entitled."Zero To Millions"
    I am now recruiting 100 or more people who will participate in this project.
    Please go here to learn how you may participate.
    Your participation will be highly appreciated.

    If this project works you might end up as one of the people who went from zero to millions.
    The good news is that it is free to participate.

    Have a great day.

  • Welcome to BBWO we are so happy to have you in the relm. If you get a moment please visit me at Sista's Empowered by GODs Word 2009 (http://www.sistasempoweredbygodsword2009.ning.com)

    Be Blessed - Sis. Helen
  • Greetings my friend and Welcome!

    How are you?
    Just stopping by to say hello and thank you for your friendship...
    Stay In touch,
    invitation you to join me Shop YTB.

    Thank You, Bob
  • Welcome to BBWO! This is an awesome network with plenty of information and networking to be done. Please visit my page and do add me as your friend.


  • Hi Christie,

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your networking experience while on this wonderful site.

    Please review my HIV / AIDS Film Trailer and tell me what you think. Thanks!

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