Friends (408)

  • Crystle Bowers

    What's Your Business?Classy Accents "Handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessory designs"
  • Deborah C. Hardnett

    What's Your Business?Author, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host
  • Carla Thorpe

    What's Your Business?Business Consulting Firm
  • Tosh Fomby

    What's Your Business?Graphic design, illustrative work, portraits
  • Alive Inc & ALIVE Magazine

    What's Your Business?Alive Inc. & ALIVE Magazine
  • Sistah's In Unity

    What's Your Business?Sistahs In Unity is a group of African American Women becoming empowered through education, resources and networking.
  • Kisha Jones

    What's Your Business?Joi Paper
  • Theresa Thomas-Johnson

    Age:55 Birthday:June 25 What's Your Business?Online telecommunication company
  • Melody

    What's Your Business?Specializing in Professionally Handcrafted Prayer Jewelry
  • Kieara Patterson

    Age:40 Birthday:June 29 What's Your Business?Research and Marketing for Start Up Businesses
  • Eula M. Young, COO

    What's Your Business?Production (Film/Video), Post-Production (editing) and Multi-Media (video newsletter, electronic business cards, video e-blast etc.)
  • NikkiNicole

    Age:73 Birthday:September 10 What's Your Business?G Dot Media and Kneed Spirit.