Friends (30)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • MzLa

    What's Your Business?Urban Botanic
  • The Soul Sista

    What's Your Business?Tot Tinkys - Expressive Contemporary Apparel and Gifts for Tots
  • Lisa Henry

    Birthday:May 23 What's Your Business?Flash Website Customization/Design (Legal Marketing Services)
  • Shirley Rushing

    What's Your Business?Rushing Travel Agent Online Travel And Cruise Service
  • wanda

    Age:53 Birthday:September 12 What's Your Business?Massage/lotion candles,homemade bath & body products
  • Rachelle Christopher

    What's Your Business?Chelly Unique*
  • Shannon Pounds

    What's Your Business?Natureal' Hair Care
  • Gabriela R. Chavez

    What's Your Business?A Woman's Inspirational Resource Company that specializes in hosting Beauty & Wellness Events
  • Denise Rhones

    What's Your Business?Primerica and Soul Purpose
  • Tarnisha Campbell

    What's Your Business?Kreative Klutches & The Pampered Chef
  • Tracie Jackson

    What's Your Business?Traverus Travel
  • Urs E.

    What's Your Business?Urban Gospel Music
  • Keysha Davis

    What's Your Business?Petit Soiree
  • Nona Farrar

    What's Your Business?Special Event Planner
  • Michelle Patterson

    Age:46 Birthday:March 6 What's Your Business?Microsoft
  • Staci

    What's Your Business?Online handbag store and Handbag Blog
  • The Black Business Cafe

    What's Your Business?Promotional Marketing / Social Networking Organization