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April 17

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I want to network with like minded people and I also want to learn from other women who run a successful business.

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My name is Carla Trent and I am a handmade beaded jewelry designer. I’ve been making beaded jewelry for 12 years now, it started out as a hobby, but this hobby turned into my number one passion in life. This is how Designs By CT was born! I offer something for everyone: women, men, and children. I find that men enjoy wearing handmade beaded jewelry as much as women and little girls do. If my customers want something made specifically for them, I’m always happy to do custom orders. I make beaded charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and jewelry sets. I like to use a variety of materials such as: glass, plastic, silver, wood, shell, and bone beads. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my craft. Since this is my passion in life, I like doing good things for my customers such as: giving them free jewelry and that is always a big hit with my customers whether old or new. My design style is more comfortable and casual, but now I’m starting to venture into bridal and vintage jewelry.



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pictures, reading, networking







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  • Happy Birthday!


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  • Hello Carla:
    In response to the event~I have learned to watch the traffic flow from any event a year or month prior to committing with T0 ANY LOCAL EVENT. With permits and expense of time and energy of setting up,you have to be sure it is worth your efforts.

    Rather than have free stuff, have it f for $1.00,$5.00 we appreciate anything we pay for and walk away thinking we got a deal. Always tell them what it made of to seal the sale. A good example is the dollar menus

    Now you know why the other vendors did not "show up"

    Still the experience was great. You would have always wondered what you missed
    Online selling has so many advantages such as Your items don’t get rummaged through before purchases.

    Look into taking an art/beading class at a local school or Michaels to continue to enhance your skills and knowledge of your craft.

    Keep up the good work

  • WE would love to know how the jewerly show went.

    Let us know.
  • Thank you Carla for the compliment.....and I wish you much success with your business.
  • I hope I am not repeating what is in the articles as I did not read them -

    You didn’t mention if you use sterling silver for hooks and chains or genuine stoners however mentioning what was involved in making the crafts can help the person who has appreciation for ART be more attracted the product, is it one of a kind, did you import the stones from another state or country are there steps involved in creating the craft that makes it labor intensive? This type of information increases the buyer’s appreciation long after he has bought it.

    Do you notice how often a person enjoys telling you the background of a item they bought? By the way what is your company motto, it should show itself in the craft.

    I believe in having low end items for people who appreciate your talent but cant spend as much,( NOT LOW QUAILITY) they WILL come back when they have more $$$, rather than all of your products being high end. Haven’t you done the same as a shopper?

    I hope this helps

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  • Welcome to BBWO: I encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available on this website. It provides a wealth of business knowledge and tools. I extend an invitation to you to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS on my page. Please feel free to add me as a friend.

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