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November 7

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To convey the message of "Art of Adornment". Divinite' Jewellry is a HUGE supporter of anything that uplifts women. My handmade jewelry communicates such through sensuality and the eclecticness of each piece designed.

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Handmade Wearable Art Jewellry

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Google, Search Engine

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I am a lover of anything beautiful created by the hands of nature. At an early age, I began working with hand crafts such as knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, sewing, etc. I was able to express a feeling throughout my childhood thru the usage of different creative mediums. Unity and family is the central core of all of this. As a self-representing artist, I now am able to join in the ancient generational tradition of jewelry artistry. Through jewelry, varying ethnicities have been able to convey a message or a feeling in time through the usage of beads, jewels and stones. With the inception of my new endeavor Divinite' Jewellry I get to add to this with the message of strength, beauty and sensuality. My jewelry is crafted so that one may be able to pass along their jewels to their next seed of generation(s) of style. Jewelry is definitely an art and is a part of our rich culture. Through Divinite' Jewellry, I want women to embrace themselves through the adornment of artful jewelry. Adorn yourselves, beautifully.



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Researching, reading, scouting, selling and shopping







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  • You're welcome thank you #BBWO
  • You are welcome love! Your work is beautiful and we all need an extra life line every now and again. #motivation -lh

  • congrats on being featured #BBWO continued blessings happy new month!! 1love tatia bradley

  • Love your work. You are featured in the 2012 BBWO 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs and on the Search Urban Directory - http://www.msoyonline.com/african-american-web-portal/black-search/....

  • you're welcome thank you #BBWO
  • Good morning, all.

    I really have to make it a point to visit at least twice a week. Any advice on getting it together to run a very small business? Sometimes, the thing that makes me nervous is not having all that I need. My venture is only something at this time I would prefer to remain small so that I will be able to control it and have what is desired. Just a little extra change a month is great. Nonetheless, I would like to know are there any sisters that is selling cosmetics & skin care? I am interested in different cosmetics and skin care lines that are geared toward women of varying ethnicities. To everyone, have a wonderful weekend and let's begin preparing to complete the remainder of this year.
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