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March 6

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Wire Sculptured Jewelry and Fiber Art

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I am 54 and have been in the import export business over 30 years. Import gemstones and make them into rings and pendants. I love what I do it allows me to be there for my 10 year old. I've restarted the business after ten years of fighting major ailments and the Lord gave me the Victory in spite of what doctors had said.



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reading my email and working my business


https://linkledin.com/Michelle S. Hawkins




https://twitter.com/wirequeen http://twitter.com/michelleshawkins

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  • Hey, Michelle.  Sorry to say the call has been cancelled today as Mavis is unwell.  We will reschedule.  In the meantime, please click here to listen to the preview and click here for details of how you can advertise in the Internationa....  Please let me know what additional information you need.  

  • I'm really sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  Check this out, have a listen and let me know what information you need after that. 

    All the best,


    Have a great day!


  • Hi Michelle. Beautiful jewelry. I have to wait 7 days to friend you as Facebook has restricted me for requesting lots of friends! Go to  sistersandfriends on Facebook. I will post your info from your site on my page. See attachment about my trip toe Martha's Vineyard.



  • Hi, Michelle.  Thanks for posting your link to my Black bloggers lens. 


    I did not approve it but if you would like to post a comment about the lens, I will certainly consider it. 

    Plus I think you will enjoy this video on promoting your blog: 


    Have a great day!


  • thank you so much look forward to supporting your company,continued blessings#BBWO,

  • Hi Michelle,

    I would lik to connect with you and other mybbwo members who share the same mindset as me. If you are open to a side project that wouldnt interfere with what you are currently doin to earn some extra cash. Plz visit www.successmoms.com/twelve79. I look forward to connecting with you. To your success :)

  • Thanks for commenting on my blog. Please add me as a friend, and feel free to visit www.iamdaily.com
  • Hi, Michelle.  Thanks for the gift. 





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