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September 15

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Dr. Rosalyn L. Shaw, a native of Houston, TX has a collage of past activities, skills, talents, etc. I am a musician, recording engineer, videographer, web designer and graphic designer. My accomplishments include having been President of S.I.C. Records,, COO of New Millennium Entertainment Group, a group of companies that are comprised of Record Companies (S.I.C. Records, Emerald Records & Matrix Records), management, graphics and video. I am a Recording Engineer, working with Logic Pro, Digital Performer, and Pro Tools, a Graphic Designer doing Web Design, Flyers, etc., a Musician, playing the keyboard, piano, and organ. I love Videography and I do video editing, using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. I get a kick out or creating commercials, Montages, etc. I am really into technology and everything innovative and cutting edge. I love exposing people to it and helping to take whatever they do to another level. I also love sports, especially football, ping pong, pool & bowling. Last, but certainly not least, I have received 2 doctorates – a doctorate of Theology from Andersonville Seminary in Camille, GA and a doctorate of Divinity from GMOR M.D. Hill Seminary in Houston, TX. I have been in full time ministry for 28 years. I have had a widely acclaimed radio ministry and co-pastored a church in Beaumont/Pt. Arthur, TX for four years. I have been titled as “an awesome teacher” by many and have ministered, taught and motivated countless thousands all over the globe. In 2007, I launched “A Moment of Inspiration,” because I believe that we are only held back by our thoughts and ONE THOUGHT can actually turn our lives around and that can happen in a moment of time! I am empowering people everywhere I go. I am also currently the CEO of Shaw’s Ventures & “Dream 2 Life,” in which I aid people in financially supporting whatever business, ministry or vision that they have. I believe that “the way up is to help another man up.” I am an empowerment/inspirational speaker. I am available to inspire, motivate and empower your church, conference, organization, special meeting, etc. by honorarium/love gifts. Feel free to email me at drrlshaw@gmail.com or contact me by phone at 832-297-3457 THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY! THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD IS THE CEMETARY, WHERE DREAMS, VISIONS, IDEAS, INVENTIONS, ETC. NEVER WHERE MANIFESTED. LET'S TURN YOUR DREAMS 2 LIFE!



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