Mayfield Heights, Ohio

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To obtain information and help on how to begin my own business and give and receive encouragement to others.

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I have many interests.

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I am a single mom, working full-time and attending college. I want to learn how to create and maintain a website. I enjoy making gift baskets and writing poetry. I love African and African American art, and dance. I love makeup and fashion; I am a licensed managing cosmetologist. I keep my license current, but I have not worked in a shop for a few years. However, I would like to be a spa owner and occassionally work behind the chair to keep up with my skills and help others. I am also preparing for the real estate exam and I completed my course work for medical coding but I have not begun studying for the certification exam. I put off the coding exam because of the expense of the study guide/ practice test, actual exam and current coding books. I have been plagued by health issues for years and I feel an urgency to be in a better financial position. I would like to be able to save up for important things, such as the certification exams I mentioned, as well as emergencies. One of my short term goals is to obtain a home of my own and have rental property. I need to have something of value to leave my son, besides my love and teachings. I wish to find a better way to live and secure a better future for us. I am interested in having a profitable businesses and a nonprofit business to help others in some way. I hope to inspire and move others. http://www.hustleuniversity.org/pitchpageHU.htm?hop=kle1hustle http://imtoolsuite.com/go/theedge http:/911gascard.com/moneypoweredge



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Researching for information, shopping, networking. www.partygals.biz/sugarandspiceandnotsonice





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