May 25

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Madam CJ is the Name I have taken on for the woman who truly inspires me is Sarah Breedlove aka Madam CJ Walker. It is the truth that Whitney can sing, It is the truth that Madam Walker accomplished that Millionaire thing. God is my greatest Leader. I have been gifted with multi talents,but entertaining is my best, I am a cook, writer, poet and music arranger. I am family orientated and a believer of Unity. I believe that children are our future and we need to teach them well. I have to admit that I am one the greatest parents that walks the face of this earth ( no one can ever deny me that). I started writing in 1996 and started taking my cooking serious since 2003. Little did I know my Grandma Margaret was my biggest inspiration in the kitchen, for all the years I was hanging out with her she was preparing me to be a great cook; who knew. While giving my other siblings jewels, expensive trips and clothing I was getting cookbooks. I could never understand that back then, but the picture is pretty clear now. My favorite dish to prepare is my seafood platter. I have so much love for a beautiful kitchen and that consist of pots, pans, seasonings and things I can make magic happen. My writings are for children I am a writer of fairytales mixed with morals that children need to strenghten themselves and learn from. I am a very giving and caring person and a believer of God for without GOD there is no me.


https://facebook/cmani's delights catering services

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