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What type of Internet Marketing do you do? I help Internet Marketers STOP SOLICITING EVERYONE to join their business, and show them how to use an automated system to generate leads while marketing themselves and not their MLM. What information would be most helpful for this forum to provide? A variety of topics based on Internet marketing Hey Everyone! My name is Nicole, and I am here to help fellow Network Marketers learn how to "stop soliciting" people to join their business. Instead, I want to teach others how to use "Attraction Marketing" methods, that will have people calling, emailing and skyping you, eagerly wanting to work with you. Four of the biggest Challenges that most Network Marketers Face are: 1. Lack of Leads 2. Lack of an Automated System.... 3. Lack of Proper Training 4. Lack of Money to Support Business My purpose for bringing you here was to help you to avoid these common pitfalls while showing you how you can: 1. Generate Between 50-100 leads per day for FREE 2. Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot 3. Be Properly trained on How To Market Your Business Online 4. Earn Income Whether Someone joins Your Business or not My goal is to help all of you that are tired of being rejected, humiliated, disappointed and frustrated with the "traditional methods" of building your business. I too went through 2 years of cold calling, calling family and friends, hosting home parties, badgering people at grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores or any where possible where I saw a "potential prospect" lurking around. After countless encounters with those who had no interest in my business, or chose to join just because they "liked me", but had no desire to build their business, I quickly discovered that it had to be a better way. I was then introduced to the Proper methods of Effectively Marketing Your Business Online. If you want to learn the proper way, and desperately want to stop badgering people that constantly reject you and your business opportunity.....Then I'm here to help. You can visit my website below, or Skype me at any time, I'd love to chat with you and help you out like others have so kindly helped me! Twitter ID: http://www.twitter.com/BuildMLMOnline Skype ID: castlesbynicole Website: http://www.BuildMLMBizOnline.com



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  • Hey Nicole,
    Long time no talk. How's it going?
  • Hello Super Woman, I would like to invite you to Check out my blog...Which is an empowering blog dedicated to Today's Woman...highlighting articles related to woman. I use Celebrity and real life examples to discuss different topics related to relationships, fashion, hair and music. You will thoroughly enjoy! Check it out at http://superwomanspeaks2010.blogspot.com/ join up to follow my blog as certain contests will be available soon related to the articles. You can also follow me on twitter @superwomanspeak
    I also am currently looking for wonderful success stories for an interview section of my blog! If you have a great story to tell message me! I will be highlighting different people or business owners from all over the World!
    Hope to discuss talk with you soon!

  • Nice to meet You NICOLE! ADD me for a Friend!

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  • Hi Nicole.

    You have sent me great videos that I learned a lot from. This latest video I haven't a clue what she was doing, selling ,etc. Please enlight, it got on my nerves so bad I couldn't finish watching. Is she selling travel service? Let me know.


  • Hi, Nicole! I am looking to work with an experienced marketing consultant. Would love to connect with you and learn more about your services.
  • Hi Nicole, thank you so much for stopping by my page. I have been MIA and I am just getting back ..lol I would like to thank you for offering and I am in the process of viewing your website! I will definitely be getting back to you! Hope that your New Year so far has been pleasant and continued success!

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    do you want to take lucky oportuinties in new emrgents markets ???
    be amenber of our net work
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    thanks to share and add sugestions

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    Riben kali
  • Hi Nicole,

    I just listened to your videos on your website. Wow! I know quite a few women in mlm that need to know who you are and what you offer!

    Let's connect soon,
    Trina Newby
    Founder, Women About Biz

    Click to Promote Your Business on Women About Biz Connect!
  • Thank you so much for your warm greetings! I look forward to checking out your website!
  • Hey, ladies,
    You know I am all about empowerment. Proctor & Gamble is now hosting a "My Black is Beautiful" campaign. The same titled show will run on BET on several dates. There is also a national tour, media dates and events.

    Come on sistas, go to the following address and tell them why your Black is beautiful. Or, you can simply forward this email on to another sister, telling them why your Black is beautiful, in 1,400 words or less. To get the ball rolling, I have included my own beauty story! Pass it on and share. (include me on your emails, too. I want to read your stories, too! :))
    Visit http://www.myblackisbeautiful.com.
    :) Natasha

    Speaking at meetings at work for long periods of time was becoming crippling for me and I knew I had to do something about it. I went to my safe haven, Barnes & Noble, and rushed the self-help section in search of a public speaking book to help me get over my fear.

    As I went through the exercises in the book on the weekends what I found was that I didn’t have a problem with public speaking. The problem was “the voice” I had crafted for at work situations was interfering with me speaking over a long period of time. You, see, as a youngster, without any prompting from anyone, I learned that the skill of inflecting my voice several levels higher seemed to make others (teachers, employers, interview subjects) more at ease with me. This inflected voice is far, far different from my natural husky intonation. Keeping up that higher range was affecting my natural breathing rhythm, causing my lungs to run out of gas.

    The voice I had crafted to prove to others that I too was intelligent, kind and deserving of the same respect was either going to ruin my speaking abilities or I was going have to use my natural voice in order to speak clearly. My unnatural voice had become a tool, a vehicle to tell society, “Please don’t judge me by my skin color. Please look past my race to determine whether or not I am qualified to be where I am.”

    I have now been using the voice God blessed me with for the last year. There will still be many other hurdles to jump. My only hope is that when I finish this race, I will complete it with who my parents raised me to be – Me. Being comfortable with myself from the inside out truly makes my Black beautiful.
    ~ Natasha Clark
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