Marietta, GA


May 29


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I live in Atlanta. I am very involved in working with the homeless, though I wouldn't call myself an activist. It is merely a passion of mine. I produce HIV/AIDS benefits throughout the city as well. But, right now my heart is my magazine The Adventist Times. I have finally found my calling, my place and my voice in this vast world.



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  • Happy Mother's Day!
    I pray it's all that you wish it to be.

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  • Peace and light,

    It is great to have meet you and it is nice to be in like-minded community. I hope your life and your business is blessed and filled with abundance, light, ease, and happiness.

    Stay well,
    Ten Nebula
  • Will like to add you as a friend you seen like a inspiring woman.. God Bless you., lets keep in touch when we can.. God Bless You. and welcome to BBWO.
  • Nicole thank you and I look forward to getting to know you better. Also please check out my book for young girls. Thanks and God Bless!


  • Welcome and Hello Nicole please accept my free Gift for you

  • Hello Nicole and thank you for the welcome. Glad to see such a wonderful outreach.
  • Hello Nicole

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