Tulsa, OK


March 26

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I want to network and learn from established business owners.

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Virtual assistant

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Search Engine

About Me:

My name is Angela Jordan, married 2 1/2 years, and have a 23 year old daughter. I grew up in Detroit, MI and moved to Tulsa, OK to attend Rhema Bible Training Center. I graduated from Rhema in 2003 and decided to continue living in OK and have been here a little over 10 years. I experienced the loss of my son at 34 weeks pregnant (he was stillborn) and my plan was to be a WAHM when he was born. Although he is not here with me, it seems like his little spirit is with me and inspiring me to pursue my dream of becoming a WAH entreprenuer. In December 2009 I purchased the domain name Your Humble Assistant and have been downstream focused since. I look forward to networking with some tremendous ladies here.



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What are your most common online activities?

Researching all the the aspects of working at home and taking advantage of online training.





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