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  • Greetings!

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    If you already signed up for the Kit that's Great! Have an amazing day.

  • Praise God ....I just wanted to stop by and sy "Have An AMAZING weekend. I thank you for all your invites truly God is all over my life working on the inner me. I pray He continue to Bless and Strengthen us all...You are a Blessing that runs deep....Be Blessed....Stay Blessed....God Bless!!
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  • Just want to say hello and to thank you for being my friend.
  • Cheryl A. Griffin has sent you a message on Black Business Women Online. On last month the world heard the news of the death of two time Emmy nominated comedian and actor Bernard J. McCullough, better known by the stage name, Bernie Mac . It was reported that he died from the complications of pneumonia which was associated with a disease he had for several years called sarcoidosis (pronounced sar-coy-do-sis). At the time of Bernie Mac's death most people had never heard of this silent yet potentially debilitating disease.
    As a result of the death of Bernie Mac there has been a tremendous increase in the interest of sarcoidosis and its effect on those who may have this disease.

    Cheryl A. Griffin Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LIVE Magazine was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1987 and has a passion for helping to raise sarcoidosis awareness. In our October 2008 issue of LIVE Magazine we will explore sarcoidosis, symptoms, available treatment and support group information. We will also share an interview our Editor-in-Chief did with Deborah Durrer, Executive Director of the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research and Karen Russell, Spokesperson for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research and a sarcoidosis patient. Because of the impact this disease can have and the awareness necessary, this will be a two part series due to the amount of information to share regarding sarcoidosis awareness.

    Please forward this email along to anyone you think may have an interest in learning about the symptoms, treatment, support groups and quality of life information regarding sarcoidosis. Tell them to make sure they visit www.liveinvictory.org to request their FREE subscription offer.

    LIVE Magazine Team
  • My dear friends,
    We are on line now. MessiahTube is in development, and you will grow with your site. Everyday new features are added. At the moment you can upload videos and participate in the live video chat. The next feature will be the possibility to make friends. As you can see we also have the feature " upload photos" this feature is not working as yet but that will come during the coming weeks. Register for a free account and fill out your profile completely so that others know who you are, upload some videos (if you have any) and grow together with YOUR MessiahTube.

    P.S. We are looking for moderators worldwide in different time zones and different languages

    visit us at:

    Bless you all
    Pastor Sandra

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