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I have been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, as a hairstylist, model, business owner, and salon coordinator. I love all things woman. I also started a bath and body line about 4 years ago, featuring all natural and naturally enhance products. I belongs to various network and groups. It is my chief priority to deliver the very best product by way of using quality ingredients and remaining cutting edge to give each customer what they need before they know they need it.To keep you informed on this ever changing industry and to give the epitome of customer service to each customer. I will be the best in my chosen field because I will always keep my God first and treat people as I want to be treated. Comme La Soie is my bath and body line it is all natural and naturally enhanced which means, the naturally enhance line may have other ingredients in it that is not natural, however it was apart of my line when I first stated and I have a customer based that loves it, I have added natural ingredients to this line to create moisture that last with benefits of an all natural product. My all natural line speaks for itself which started because it is my goal to have a line that is 100% eco friendly. We recently started working on a men line and a line for kids "Natural Elements" is our mens line and "Mini Me" is our kids line, which will both be launch in October. keep your eye out for a the latest advances with Comme La Soie. I am a people person and I come in contact with many people on a daily basis from all walks of life in variour career setting, I'm always looking and listen for ways to better myself and those around me.I have a vast knowledge on beauty industry and natural and holistic healing measure. I have a lot of contacts that would be willing to share with this network the things that they have implemented in their business that has created sucess for them. The Natural You Nature Born & Beauty Inspired

Products: The Natural You is a plant derived botanical product that consist of a spa body care line. Paula Sangare is the Founder/CEO behind this exclusive body care line and the visionary in the forefront of the newest form of direct sale marketing company today. The visionary: Paula is the driving force behind Comme La Soie a natural/naturally enhanced body care line in Northeast Florida at the request of other visionaries in her circle, for a line they could be apart of, she set out to create a line that would give other entrepreneurs. The opportunity to create wealth and financial freedom from that The Natural You was born. Imagine standing in the middle of an empty building with nothing but a foundation, as a visionary you can see pass the bare walls, naked floors and the lack of décor. As a visionary your minds eye is already envisioning what could be. As a visionary you have already pictured the impact you’re going to have on that business, you have already mapped out your career path. You’ve already list the people you are going to share the business with because you know that they to are visionaries . Paula Sangare Artistic Creator & CEO



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managing my site, research for my business, and networking







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  • Peace and light,

    It is great to have meet you and it is nice to be in like-minded community. I hope your life and your business is blessed and filled with abundance, light, ease, and happiness.

    Stay well,
    Ten Nebula
  • Hello,
    I hope you have a prosperous day!

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    •Accentuates breast size.
    •Helps to Correct posture.
    •Can be adjusted to accommodate any bra.
    Thank Shirley,
    My Info:
    Phone: 1-800-757-5450 or 229-768-2231
    Email: bob@rushingtravelagent.com
    web page: http://www.ytbtravel.com/rushing
    web page: http://www.ytb.com/rushing
    Thanks, Bob & Shirley Rushing,
  • Welcome Paula, I will be in touch soon.
  • Greetings!

    This is LaShanda Henry, founder of Black Business Women Online. I hope you are enjoying the network. If you want to really get started, Grab your FREE Black Business Starter Kit which includes social networking tips, webinars, and more.


    If you already signed up for the Kit that's Great! Have an amazing day.

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  • Paula,

    You are cordinally invited to conference call for independent women. Starts promptly at 7pm mst in 30 mins (218) 339-4300 Access Code: 755444# More details under events on here. Thanks Ywndricka
  • Much Bless Success Paula.. I hope that God will bless you with many
    customers.. I think it is great what you are doing.. Stay Inspire*..
  • It is great connecting with you! I would love to have you join my site for women and showcase your business, I think you would be an inspiration! It's: www.superwomanlifestlye.com

    Thanks and I look forward to networking with you!
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