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Hi - I’m Ruthsella and my Birthday is on 26th June Just imagine - you wake up and it’s Your Birthday! You get up, switch on your PC and check your mail - and there are thousands of emails from friends who have sent you cash! It’s not a dream - it really can happen! With Birthday Bonus Club (BBC) BBC is a matrix - and we’re proud of it! Because we are a matrix with some very BIG differences * It costs you nothing to join - BBC is completely free! * There are no monthly fees - ever. * There are no upgrade fees * We don’t sell anything * ..and - you will never be asked to buy anything Upline & Downline We just ask you to agree to a simple request … When asked to do so, you agree to donate an amount of $2.00 to $5.00 to another member on his or her Birthday. The members to whom you will donate will be * Your upline - a maximum of nine people * The first level of your personal network - a maximum of three people If you are asked to donate the maximum amount ($5.00) then BBC will never cost you more than $60.00 per year - in return, you could receive a Birthday Bonus of more than $140,000 ! How does that work .. When you sign up with BBC you’ll want to tell your friends about it - after all, who wouldn’t want the chance of making a huge Birthday Bonus each year. You need only invite three friends and these are the people who form the basis of your personal network. You will be asked to donate to their Birthday Bonus’s - as they will donate to yours. When your friends invite their friends, those people will form the second level of your network and that can continue down to nine levels. If you are able to create a full 3×9 network there will be 29,523 people in your personal network. If each of those members send you the maximum of $5.00 on your Birthday, your Birthday Bonus will be $147,000. .and there’s another BONUS! For every Dollar that you donate to another member’s Birthday Bonus, Birthday Bonus Club will credit your Personal Advertising Account with $1.00! You can advertise what you like - except porn - or you can exchange your Advertising Credits for cash! You can sign up with BBC here or find out more about the workings of Birthday Bonus Club here Click to join Ruthsella on her Birthday



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    This is LaShanda Henry, founder of Black Business Women Online. I hope you are enjoying the network. If you want to really get started, Grab your FREE Black Business Starter Kit which includes social networking tips, webinars, and more.


    If you already signed up for the Kit that's Great! Have an amazing day.

  • Ladyruth,

    your welcome
  • Thanks for the add as well!!

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  • It is great connecting with you! I would love to have you join my site for women and showcase your business, I think you would be an inspiration! It's: www.superwomanlifestlye.com

    Thanks and I look forward to networking with you!
  • Happy Kwanzaa. Have a powerful, productive & focused New Year !
  • I send love ,peace and blessings to you!!
  • HELLO! Nice to Meet You! My name is ANN DANDRIDGE www.badamitv.com and I want to invite YOU and EVERYONE to view our TELEVISION SHOWS (Gospel Concerts & African American Short Films) by sending your Email address and the Major City or Town in your area to our office at


    and we will let you know the Television Station and Time we will be on! Please let me know ALL the Wonderful things you're doing too!

    POWERFUL PEOPLE and FRIENDS anndandridgepublicrelations.ning.com

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  • God bless you!!!
  • You are a blessing!!! Note: I can't join your christmas site is because of my faith. Thank you for your understanding. God bless you too!!!
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