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  • Tricia Naomi

    Birthday:March 21 What's Your Business?I am a Freelance Writer, Author an Marketing and Casting Director
  • Cathy Harris

    Birthday:October 6 What's Your Business?Empowerment Company
  • Richetta

    Birthday:November 12 What's Your Business?Life Coach for Women
  • Kim Thomas

    Birthday:April 22 What's Your Business?Entrepreneur
  • Lougenia J. Rucker, MA

    What's Your Business?Providing innovative empowering & inspirational services/ products to help others to define, embrace & live on purpose. My passion is working with women & youth to support them in their pursuit of happiness by realizing, refining and releasing their personal brilliance with joy and prosperity! We offer training, consulting, coaching and speaking services. In addition, my personal mission is to inspire women to create time and space for sacred self-care and wellness rituals.
  • Jessica Mutuku

    What's Your Business?Girlpreneur Academy
  • Tina T Willer

    Birthday:November 2 What's Your Business?Internet Marketing
  • Otto Spruill

    What's Your Business?Organo Gold
  • Althema

    Age:39 Birthday:July 15 What's Your Business?The Jerdor Group
  • Tyora Moody

    Birthday:July 13 What's Your Business?Marketing and Design
  • Tiya Cunningham-Sumter

    What's Your Business?Life Editing Coaching for Women, Couples & Families
  • Tracy

    Age:58 Birthday:September 3 What's Your Business?Author
  • Angie Fisher

    Birthday:November 7 What's Your Business?
  • Narda Goodson

    What's Your Business?Christian Author/Theatre/Music
  • LaVerne Adekunle

    What's Your Business?LaVerne's Int'l Ventures.....
  • Doris Anne Beaulieu

    What's Your Business?Life's Ultimate Test

    What's Your Business?AUTHOR
  • Rachelle Christopher

    What's Your Business?Chelly Unique*