Friends (91)

  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Marcy L. Fraley

    Birthday:April 27 What's Your Business?Re-sale/ Consignment Clothing Shop "DIVA" Style Threadz
  • Shronda Armstrong Zografos

    Birthday:April 12 What's Your Business?Children's Party Planner
  • Ten Nebula

    Birthday:February 11 What's Your Business?Ten Nebula Healing Space
  • Sweet Tooth Fairy Giftbaskets

    Birthday:September 10 What's Your Business?Gift Baskets
  • Tamishia Clayborn

    Birthday:December 4 What's Your Business?Glamorous Girly Girl, Pre-paid Legal, Internet Marketing, Ecommerce
  • Angel J Peace

    Birthday:July 3 What's Your Business?Highly Favored Bath Treats and Massage
  • Ludonna Jackson

    Birthday:October 22 What's Your Business?Children's Book Author
  • Yes Lioness!

    Birthday:September 12 What's Your Business?Great Art, T-shirts and Gifts!
  • Suzn

    Birthday:December 1 What's Your Business?Fashion & Motivator
  • Cicely J

    Birthday:December 12 What's Your Business?CRJ Publishing, LLC
  • elaine brewton

    Birthday:November 20 What's Your Business?Making Candles and Gift Baskets
  • Pearl M Sullivan

    Age:68 Birthday:November 13 What's Your Business?Direct Sales-Mannatech & Mary Kay
  • Lakiesha Thomas

    What's Your Business?La'Shaes,LLC "Motivational Spa"
  • Chari T

    What's Your Business?Nonprofit, the arts, connecting with others!

    What's Your Business?Author
  • Althema

    Age:40 Birthday:July 15 What's Your Business?The Jerdor Group
  • Tyora Moody

    Birthday:July 13 What's Your Business?Marketing and Design